Yard Sale Tomorrow! + A bit Of Sveta Friday….

It wouldn’t be a Friday without Sveta in it.  Her personal fund is up to $50 right now!  I pray for her so much.  I swear I had a dream this week that I read in an email that someone was adopting Sveta.  What a sweet dream is was indeed.  And, of course, what would a Sveta Friday be without her sweet pixie picture?

Don’t be afraid to say you’re afraid of adopting a child with HIV.  God will show you how to deal with it.  He has provided people and resources for us to utilize to make us equipped for the journey He laid out before us.  We had the same fears, now we’re ready.  Do we feel called for an HIV adoption?  Not at this moment.  But if our Heavenly Father lays one of His children in our path, you’d better believe we’ll be right there!! 

Ask God for guidance.  Ask Him to work in your heart.  Ask Him to show you how to love and care for a child with HIV and have them be “born” into your family.  Ask…go ahead…I can’t wait to hear the answer!! 

And when you get it…think SVETA from Reeces Rainbow (reecesrainbow.org) 

Our Yardsale is tomorrow morning.  I have one more try of brownies to bag up and put tags in.  I sent a batch of brownies and cookies with Dan to work and they sold quickly!!  Hmm..wish I would have thought of that earlier.  Then God kindly shows me we’re working on HIS time, not ours. 

Dan hung up all our signs and delivered everything to his parents’ house this evening.  My SIL bought lots of water we’ll sell too.  She and I are splitting the profits from the water.  Every little bit helps!!  I think our “magic” number was $517.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to meet that tomorrow?  God can do it.  If you’re reading this, please join us in prayer that God places people to financially support us, AND future adoptive parents.  I’ve said it before, I get so excited at merely thinking of having a future AP come across our path tomorrow.  Who’s parent will we meet?  Victoria’s?  Carter’s?  Lindsey’s?  Any one (or two, or three!) will do, thank you 😉

Well, it’s getting late and I need to be up in a few hours…I just had to get Sveta up again before Sveta Friday was over.


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