God IS Amazing!

I have been wanting to open up the laptop and share everything that has been going on, but time has been against us!

First, our yardsale was a success!  Our boys were instrumental with their bake sale and rocked it as advocates for their sister.  We hung a sign on their cookie table “Help our sister come home”.  People would ask Alexander where his sister was.  “An orphanage, she’s an orphan.  And my Mommy and Daddy are going to fly on a big airplane and bring her home.  I’m going to make her a welcome home sign.”  He was awesome.  Needless to say, they were sold out of their baked goods before noon…and they had quite a bit!

We have all of our docs except one to complete our dossier.  It’s a bit harrowing as we know we need to be submitted by a certain date for Dan’s medical form.  I cringe at thinking we won’t be submitted by then.  I do know God is in complete control of this situation and we work on HIS time, not ours. 

We have 15 docs left to have apostilled in PA.  The one we are waiting for needs to be certified in another state.  Oddly enough, we don’t have the money offhand to apostille them all at once either…God is up to something for sure.  i LOVE looking back and seeing how HIS timing is always so perfect.  Spot on, flawlessly.

Not only was the yardsale a success for getting the word out about orphans, we also found our widow!

I felt called to fast on Thursday, so I did.  I only had drinks.  It was about 26 hours or so and I felt I could eat again.  Did I know why?  “Do you have an answer?”  my husband asked.  “No.  But I’m okay with that.”  The next day I met our widow’s mother.  We were exchanging fundraising stories and I asked her, “your daughter doesn’t need work done on her house, does she?”  I got the reply we were looking.  A resounding YES run from her mother’s lips!  She happily shared her daughter’s contact information with me.  I was floored at how God works…I was not surprised…yet HE never ceases to amaze me…NEVER. 

I called her daughter, Brenda a few hours later.  She was excited and definitely on board.  Her husband had passed only 3.5 weeks prior.  I had been praying for her long before she was ever a widow.  She and her husband have 3 children.  Saddening to know these children will grow up without a father.  The least we can do is show them the love of our Heavenly Father. 

The next day, Dan and I went to visit with her.  We took some notes, pictures and stayed and visited for a while.  Please pray friends we are able to seek the donations we need.  We are completely faithful God is going to provide. 

We set out yesterday to find a lunch sponsor and maybe some donations for the work.  I stopped at my favorite pizza shop first and shared our information with them.  They were a bit skeptical.  Then, we ordered pizza and DAN went in, sees our paperwork on the counter and says, “oh i see my wife has been here!”  “She was YOUR wife?”  That changed their tune.  I’m really praying we’ll be having their pizza on the work day 😉

I called Holy Family, the church where Brenda attends.  I was able to speak with the priest there and ask if the church could donate any money for supplies for Brenda’s house…considering she is a parisioner we didn’t see the problem.  He expressed they were operating on a deficit from last year and would not be able to donate.  Immediately I followed up asking if we could get some information out in the bulletin.  “You are very thoughtful, Tammy.”  And continued with saying if I was able to get the info in, they would put it in the bulletin this week.  We are hoping parisioners are willing to donate their skills, time, supplies to their sister on this day.  God will provide. 

I will have some more info for sweet Sveta on Sveta Friday this week.  I need to work harder about getting the information out there for people to increase their knowledge of HIV thus desiring to save the children from a life of lonliness and neglect.

Our sweet David…once he finally got into things he was so happy to participate.  They would see a “customer” run over to their little table and say, “excuse me, would you like to buy a tookie for our sister?”  (no it’s not a typo, that’s how David says, cookie)

Sometimes, they would get “NO’s”.  It would make them sad, but I encouraged them to keep asking new people and they would get to a yes.  Something I had to remember yesterday while I was out asking for donations.  Only I have something these little guys don’t.  An absolute faith in the Lord and the knowledge topped with belief he WILL provide.  They will learn. 

Here are our hardworking Boys working hard to help their sister whom they love already and have never met.

This is our family by one of our many signs we had out to Help Save Mayah.  We had people who were willing to just donate money and not buy anything.  People are really amazing. 


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