How about $6,000?

This adorable little stud muffin is Monroe.

Monroe is listed here on RR

This is a copy of his BIO.  Unfortunately, this is all the information RR has at the moment but hopefully two wonderful women over there in EE right now will be able to get more info on this little darling!!!


When you’re done reading his bio and you feel sorry for him…PRAY, PRAY God finds a forever family in him who isn’t scared to move forward and do the right thing.  Just start find yourself asking, “Why wouldn’t I?” What do you have to lose?  Look at all you can gain.

If you’d like to pursue sweet Monroe contact Andrea Roberts, ED of RR

Monroe (12)

BOY, Born February 4, 2005


Monroe is a sunshine of a little boy!  He is already 5 and blessed to still be at the baby house.  He needs a family right away!     From a missionary who visited with him in June 2010:  I met with the doctor in his Groupa House who brought me back to meet him. The Head Doctor wanted me to meet the children who needed equipment. While measuring him for a chair, she explained to me what was more important was that he get a family. He will be traferred in six months to the worst institution, restrained in a crib in a dark room. She broke into tears! Monroe has spastic  cerebral palsy in all four limbs and is globally delayed. He is able to recognize the voices of his careworkers and understand simple directions. However, due to his spacitiy he is unable to do much of anything. No speech.  With therapy he can improve but will always have limitations. I measured his head circumfeence and once home will check with a doctor regtarding whether ir not he is microcephalic as well. I will  try to gather more information on him today. His temperament was sweet and his eyes twinkled. He needs a family fast!     From an adoptive family who visited with him in June 2009:   Monroe has CP.  It appears that he is unable to use his arms and legs and is not sitting up on his own.  He has the most beautiful smile and I don’t think there is much of a cognitive delay.  He loves to be held and his whole face lights up when you come near him.”

I have $6062 in my grant fund towards the cost of my adoption!

And if, you have said I absolutely CAN’T…please do something you can.  Get his info out there.  ANYONE is a possibility for this wonderful child of God.  Send in any extra money you can part with.  Every dollar counts.  Really!  There is no amount too small.  Please mail a check in his honor to Rainbow, PO Box 4024, Gaithersburg, MD  20885.  Be sure to Put “monroe angel boys” in the check memo.  Please do not send via paypal unless you want to add the 3% charged to RR for paypal.  We send all of our checks for Sveta via the mail, they take longer to post online, but it’s worth it.  Andrea has all the information any, she’s a busy lady!!


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  1. In a heartbeat if not for that darned travel!

    His needs? Big deal! It’s what he can do that interest me, not what he can’t!

    He is a doll, and as deserving of a Christian family as much as any other. I like to say “yes” to God first, then discover His question! He hasn’t shown me a way to make the travel work…. But I know Monroes family is out there!!! Please mama, come soon!

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