She is Haunting Me

This beautiful little girl NEEDS a home.  There are many children in that orphanage listed with RR that could be adopted together.  Wade, from Adeye’s blog ( and many others.

Please, if you’re interested in adoption AT ALL.  Learn as much as you can about Down Syndrome.  Don’t be afraid of it.  Learn about it and ask God to open you to anything and anyone.  I could NOT stop thinking about this precious face last night.  We will gladly help raise commitment fees.  The rest will fall into place.  Please, I feel like I’ve been on my knees for some of these sweet faces, waiting and waiting for someone to bite.  I can only imagine how our Heavenly Father feels when He is that way every day with everyone.  All you need is to meet the income requirements which you can see them here:

Then find a social worker in your area (area even means your SIDE of the state in many cases!)  Begin fundraising to pay for the homestudy.  God WILL provide.  As long as you are prepping for your HS then you can commit!  You’ll need $1,000 (you can fundraise through that too!)  every LITTLE bit counts!  we’re even starting a fund here to help someone commit!!  And $230 as a love offering for the Voice of Hope Fund with Reeces Rainbow.  They do great work, the money is a great offering.  AND just in case you DIDN’T know.  The initial $1,000 to commit to a child COMES BACK TO YOU WHEN YOU TRAVEL!!!  And if the child has any grants with RR you’ll get those when you travel too!!!

Here’s my list that need homes:  then we’ll work on the rest…are you ready?







Pick any one (or two!) of those kids and we’ll help with the commitment fee.  Each child deserves a loving home to grow up in.  Not being chained in the dark to a crib and left alone.  Not being drugged with meds that weren’t ever meant for children in the first place so they can sleep their short little lives away.  Please, do not be turned away by the high cost OR by special needs.  You’re not alone, RR has a great group of families who have adopted many children with many different SN’s.  Help IS out there!!

Thanks All!!


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  1. Lindsay haunts me too!!!! And Carter!!! And Dimitry!!!! And Delilah!!!!! And Jacob!!!! And Monroe!!!!! And Thea!!!!! And Angelica!!!! And so many others!!!!!!

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