Sveta Friday!!

Well, I was on the phone with wonderful, hard-working husband and then something (other than him!) took my breath away.

This is what I saw.

my she has grown, hasn’t she?

I really hope we get an actual updated picture in the mail from RR since we’re her Prayer Warriors.

Lu, in her “spare time” (haha) will have to update Sveta’s Button. 

I have also updated Sveta’s Fund Thermometer. It’s up to $75!! Andrea is almost 2 weeks behind on adding Sveta’s money…by the time the check gets there (so RR doesn’t have to pay paypal fees, we send a check) and by the time she gets it updated, it’s time to send another!  It’s great she has to take a while once she gets it.  Means she’s busy 😉  If only one can we could all force her into early retirement because there are no more orphans in need of forever families.  God can do it. 

I was talking with a friend of mine the other day and we were discussing special needs.  I mentioned HIV (go team Sveta!) and she made a comment about not being able to KNOW a child would die before her.  au contraire mon frere!  Immediately, I was already thinking about SVETA FRIDAY.  What information could I possible have on SF that would get the word out. 

I will do my best to describe the process of adopting a child with HIV and getting them started on their meds.  This is to the best of my small amount of knowledge.  I may have to seek counsel from my RR friends who are parents of children with HIV if we need additional information.

I’m led to believe the process in EE takes a little longer than a non-hiv adoption because they do another bloodcount check on the child before they leave.

Have an infections doctor ready at home for when you arrive so you can get your child into seeing him/her right away.  The doctor does bloodwork to make sure what meds your child may/may not have built an immunity to.  If the medication for HIV are not taken strictly on their 2x day schedule, your child could develop an immunity to it.  Once you child is on a med that is suitable for them, their levels of detection in their blood GO DOWN TO ZERO!!  Did you catch that?  ZERO.  How amazing is that?  Virtually undetectable!

Can Sveta Ever Have her own babies?    YES  A wonderful resounding YES.  She simply won’t be able to breastfeed.  The HIV meds available now reduce the rate as long as the HIV Positive mother is taking her meds regularly.  So, as long as Sveta’s parents remain healthy (I mean in general, healthwise) then not only will their daughter outlive THEM!  But they can live long enough to see their grandchildren!! 

Now that Sveta has a whole “family” of her on here.  Give her one in real life.  Are you this sweet little girl’s forever family? 

And just in case you wanted to see how she has grown:  I’ll show you!!

I don’t know exactly how old she is in this picture, but she still has that baby-ness to her.  Simply Adorable!

And Now!  This is a recent, JUNE picture.  I’d also like to add that MANY kiddos from Sveta’s orphanage were added to reecesrainbow ( this week so she could be paired up with a little (or big) brother or sister!!  Go and take a look, could YOU be the Forever Family she has been waiting just over 3 precious years for?


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