Our Cici’s Day!

Ah, FINALLY!  Saturday was our Cici’s Fundraising Day!  What a beautiful day it was.  Dan and I both got some nice sun.  We had such a wonderful turnout. 

The kids were super excited to spend the day with their “MIMI” (their most FAVE Aunt!!)

Dan and I went to the UPS Store and made lots of copies of our flyer.  When we got to Cici’s we asked if we could put a can next to the register for donations, but they said No.  I didn’t think they would, but it never hurts to ask!

We also learned, technically we weren’t allowed to be standing outside either…but they let us. 

So we stood outside of the store and softly approached people and told them about our fundraiser.  The second sentence out of my mouth told them it didn’t cost them anything extra.  They liked that part.  I emphasized how gracious CICI’s was being to us by donating 10% of their eat-in bill to our cause.  I had a flyer printed with Mayah’s picture on it.  I encouraged them to check out our blog and our FSP (still at ZERO Btw!!)  I had Reece’s Rainbow’s website on there as well, emphasizing if they had an interest in IA to check out the site. 

It was a wonderful turnout.  The manager even came out in the beginning and gave us free drinks for the day.  Needless to say, shortly after we had  a little bit of pop, we had water for the duration.  That sun was HOT…but totally beautiful.  And totally God. 

We were blessed with strangers, family and friends all coming together for one wonderful cause.  To answer the cry of the orphan in her distress.  Mayah’s cry.  Her cry for a family.  Little does our little princess know we are so close to hold her in our arms. 

I want to know what she looks like now as her picture is so many years old.  What does she smell like?  How is her hair?  What does her sweet little voice sound like?  Will she call Dan, “Papa”?  I long so much to see Dan transform right in front me as the Papa to his princess. 

I try so hard not to think about Mayah directly.  It hurts too badly.  I feel like  a member of our family was here and is now missing.  My heart hurts without her and I’ve never met her. 

As exhausting as it is, I try to keep my focus on our fundraisers alone.  Each one bringing us a step closer to our girl.  Each one bringing us a step closer to answering her cry.  Each one bringing us a step closer to grabbing a hold of her and never wanting to let go.   Never. 

Okay…back to the fundraiser!

We called it quits at about 6:30.  Some friends of ours told us more supporters came in after we were there.  What wonderful news!

Some good friends of ours came in at lunch time, ate and took our places outside so we could go in an eat.  I thought that was incredibly nice of them.  Thanks Steve and Erinn!  Dan and I are not used to friends stepping up like that and helping out.  Oh how the Lord is blessing us by surrounding us with people we love so much!

My bff, Billie made an awesome event announcement (that we all ended up stealing from her!) announcing the event on Saturday.  Between her friends and Erinn’s friends we had a great turnout of additional supporters who came out JUST for Mayah!!

JVF even checked my “pitch” to people.  She campaigned for Bush in her college days and wanted to help in any way she could.  She’s about to have a baby any day now and has 2-year-old twins and still wanted to hang out with us standing in the heat.  Thankfully, they had some friends coming over so she had to leave and sit!  She approved my pitch and shared how happy she is to be praying us through this journey.  I have found comfort and peace during any storms we have weathered knowing friends like her genuinely mean they are committed to praying for us and Mayah. 

When we were leaving, we thanked them for their kindness and they told us they had never seen such a successful fundraiser!  They had piles and piles of receipts.  We will not know the total until tonight.  I can hardly wait!

A thank you to all who came out and supported us that day!  Our next event is our 5k at Yellow Creek!  Sign up is here:

http://signmeup.com/70170 please join us in praying for at least 100 runners!!  we are at 19 so far.  God can do it!!

I have a picture on my camera of Dan and I at the end of the event I would love to add…I just have to find my camera first 😉


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