It’s been So long!!

Since I have posted.  Things around here have been crazy!!!  We are continually “one paper” away from having a complete dossier.  God has his timing.  We have had some major events that will be posted on another post 😉

Our 5k run is this weekend…FINALLY!  We are shooting to hit 30 people!  The funds from the 5k are funding stamps for the Both Hands project.  Which reminds me, I need to buy envelopes on the way home and get our letters done.

A special sout out “HOLLA!” To our church 😉  They are printing all of our Both Hands letters for everyone free of charge!  I’m dropping off a gift certificate to Staples when I pick up the letters later today.

I got to meet with 2 pastors and one Mollee today and talk about orphans.  They wanted to know where I stood on the orphan conference, and where we were adoption/Both Hands wise.  It’s comforting to know they are praying for us for exactly what we need to make this adoption happen.  It was nice to get to meet face to face with the new pastor for a little while and see how he does things.  Mollee asked great questions, for being so young she is such a wonderful gift to this world.

While thinking we MAY  have to take our children with us to EE (we aren’t, but we thought we may) God showed me a woman in our church to talk about traveling with us.  I approached her Sunday and we are in contact…she is open to helping in any way we need.  I look forward to getting to chat with her when I get back to the church here later.  God provides.  No doubt about that. 

We are please to announce both Halliburton AND Lowes are giving us grant money for the Both Hands project!!

While I was really REALLY hoping to mail out just over 2,000 letters, it looks like we may be in the 800 level.  Again, God WILL provide.  I just like to beat records, and 2000 was the BH record 😉

We have no official word from CICI’s as of yet…but it’s looking to be around $130 we raised that Saturday!! 

We will also be receiving our Scentsy fundraising check sometime mid-week next week.  It will be close to if not at $100.

Every little bit helps.

I have also been confronted by people at church who are interested in adoption.  Beautiful.  Exciting.  It never gets boring.  I am praying with/for someone in particular for God to make His move and open amazing doors!!  He CAN do anything!!

I have pics of our kids, but it has been so long since I have done an update and I’m ALONE at the coffeehouse, I’ll post again soon and will add our 3 cuties.

And now…as of July 2, there is a $2801 grant for ANY CHILD adopted from this page:

and so…I will also add that precious VICTORIA

is on that page.  Victoria is 7.5 years old and is absolutely beautiful!!  She is in an institution in EE and NEEDS TO BE RESCUED!!  I will also reminder you, reader, that Victoria is on my “list” of children we will help fundraise for!


I will also add Natalia from the same place just for Lori!  Lori and her husband were set to adopt sweet Natalia and another little boy, but the requirements kept them from this particular country.

These little beauties can even be adopted together for BARELY any extra money!! 

PLEASE if these two or ANY of the beauties/cuties on Reece’s Rainbow contact Andrea Roberts at

I would also like to add:  Sweet little Carter is AT RISK of being transferred to a bad institution in his country.  A friend of mine got to meet his little prince.  Carter is also on our “LIST” of children we would be honored to help bring home.  And if the grant of $2801 wasn’t enough for you….how about  a grant of $5,333!!!  In His country, that’s a major chunk!!  AND his adoption wouldn’t be completed until beginning of next year (ish) so there is always tax return time as well!!!  Pray about it 😉  You won’t be sorry.



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  1. Are you still considering adopting Victoria? Please consider it, please! I fell in love with her picture the second I saw her. The problem is, I’m only 15. Obviously, I can’t adopt. Feel free to email me. I want her to find a family so badly, and if anything happens to her, it would just devastate me. My heart is just breaking for her. She needs to find a family, I really hope you are still considering her.

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