Joint Fundraiser!!

God is good. 

(my children respond):  all the time!!

Yes HE is!!

Lori Harris and her family

are adopting sweet “Valerie” (I’m sure she has a pic on her blog)  from Eastern Europe (just a different Country than us)

The Harris’ have 3 boys right near the ages of our boys!  Lori and I are playing Mom Swap and exchanging baby sitting while each other is in country with our future daughters. 

Lori’s husband, Evan is currently serving in the U.S. Army in Afghanistan.  He has been gone for a few months and will continue to serve there until March of 2011.

Evan is able to get his leave for the first visit to Meet Valerie with his wife.  He will also have time before he leaves for EE to visit with his sons…(one who has grown INCHES since his Daddy left!!)

Lori and Evan are prepping to leave before Dan and I.  The boys and I are going to fly to Laurie’s state and hang with the Harris boys while Laurie and Evan meet Valerie;)

LORD WILLING Dan and I will travel immediately after the Harris’ return and our boys will continue staying in the Harris household until Dan returns to pick them up and take them home after court.

LORI, in all her wonderful talents has opened an ETSY shop where she has offered tos hare the profits with our family.

PLEASE visit:

and purchase some beautiful items Lori made and is willing to share with us 😉

this will help both families cover travel.

we thank you so very much for your support!!

The Dziagwa and Harris families!!


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