I wanted to update about our 5k, what is going on, prayer requests, and so much more…..then I felt a prompting to actually look somewhere and I found an updated pic of our girl!!!

truth be told, I want to show her off…but I think I will wait;)  I guess I’m just not ready 😉

First…above  is a pic from our 5k.  Big success for the first time ever doing one!  We plan to do another next year to raise money for another adoption family with RR.

I managed to not have safety pins to pin everyone’s numbers to their shirts..they didn’t mind.  I also forgot 1’s in case people showed up who didn’t pre-register…they didn’t mind either donating the extra $2 for Mayah and Nadiah;)

It was an absolutely beautiful morning for a run.  The fastest was Andrew at 21:33 (I think) he won a $10 gift certificate to PA BBQ.  Thanks PA BBQ!!!

Everyone got Wheaties Fuel!!  We got 150 boxes of that stuff mailed to us as a promotional item.  It’s been great to have around too.  I tossed many boxes around to people and Debbie Strawn and I pretended to be NFL players for a brief stint with the boxes 😉  She’s always a good sport.

We had 25 registered runners 6 people didn’t show and 6 showed up the day of the run.  Not too shabby!!!  I was so greatful for the beautiful weather and my well behaved children;)

Our Both Hands project is  a week from saturday.  I want it to be over!!

We are doing well with people giving names/addresses for dan and I to send our letters to…I’m not sure of the grand total, but it’s not even close to where I wanted it to be.  We even lined up a babysitter so we dont’ have to worry about the boys that day…thank God for that!!

WOW.  so much to add up here and post…where is the time for it all?  My head is swimming since Mayah has been found…AND Nadiah to boot!!

I’m all over the place with this post….so what I thought would be a nice relaxing time on the porch while Gage napped and the older boys played…ended up being crazy awesome with finding her pic…but now I can’t concentrated….another day..another posting…


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