First, let’s start off with her adorable picture!!

Second, I want to share another round of happiness….Sveta’s grant is growing!!  Admittedly, Dan and I haven’t sent much in the past month…our “giving” portion has been going elsewhere.  Though next pay we’ll get back to Sveta as well.

The first time we skipped, we had good reason.  We were torn where we stood with donating to her grant as we had interest in her ourselves.  We felt the Lord ever so strongly nudging us towards her in every aspect of our lives.  Or so it seemed.  We were prepared to pursue her at the same time as Mayah…knowing the costs and time in country…ugh.  We worked and worked at devising a plan that would suit everyone including the children.  Finally, Andrea from RR suggested if we weren’t willing to do back-to-back then we should consider a blind referral from Mayah’s region.  Obviously, if you have been keeping up with us, you are aware we choose another in Mayah’s region.  (more to come on that later)

We continue to pray for this beautiful sweetheart and I hurt every time I see her picture in our house, knowing we are not going to get her and have her be a part of our family.  I just KNOW God has a plan for this little girl.  His Word says so, and he’s never wrong and he doesn’t lie  (just ask our 4 year old…he often tells us God doesn’t lie)  he will make a great pastor some day 😉

So there you have it. 

And now…for any locals…there are Pediatric Infectious Disease docs (PID’s) in the Pittsburgh Area.  Quite a few of them to be exact!  There are also ways to help with the cost of the HIV medications from the pharmaceutical companies that make them.  Many people, if their HIV+ child is on meds (and some aren’t!) seek out financial help and find it!!  So even if your insurance covers much of the cost, you can still get this help as well!   All you need to do is a little research 😉

Here is the link to Sveta’s page with RR

her grant is now up to $244 !!!  Praise God someone else wants this cutie to have a home!!  AND just take a look at Sasha above her:

he would make a GREAT little brother for her!!!  (His grant has nothing in it…so if you could…send something his way  PLEASE!)

And Danil here would make a great big brother!!

he has $10 in his grant…so you could help that grant grow and help out another familiy considering any one of these adorable children!  They are all in the same orphanage so costs are VERY SMALL to add another child (or two!!)

And not to forget little Lena also from the same orphanage 

she could be Sveta’s little sister!!  There are many many children from the same orphanage as Sveta that do NOT have HIV as well.  But you’ll just have to hop on over to for yourself and see which ones match up with her orphanage!!

Please please do not let a silly status of HIV prevent you from having the best children!!!  or from these children having the best families!!  There are many many people out there currently adopting children with HIV and who have already done it that would be more than happy to share their experiences with you.  Life, schooling, friends, family, church, etc.  Please contact me at if you need help finding someone for questions!  AND also….please as the “stupid” questions.  Don’t be ashamed to ask anything!!  If it raises awareness AND helps one of these precious children find forever families ever single question is WORTH IT!! 

I’m praying for you 😉


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  1. Yep, she is just as adorable as ever! Too bad she’s not going to be yours, but with you advocating for her, I’m sure her family will find her soon. We are adopting children with HIV and I have tons of resources about this topic on my site. If any of your readers are interested in learning more, they can visit Another great post about raising a child with HIV is on Jaime’s site.

  2. We adopted from the same baby house where Sveta, Lena, Sasha and Danil are at. This is truly a great orphanage and the director is very caring. The children receive medical testing and treatment that other orphanages do not offer.
    I would love to adopt from there again, if we can, financially and I can get hubby to agree.
    If anyone has any questions about the area, I will be glad to answer and feel free to read our blog. We did not use Reece’s Rainbow, but went on a blind referral. Our son had a diagnosis of Hepatitis C, but after first testing, our infectious disease specialist says that he has had the disease, but nothing definitive to say that he has it now. – His mother had it when he was born.

    I think all the children you have posted are beautiful and hope they get homes soon. Wish we could bring all of them home.

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