It’s Coming….

The Both Hands Project that is!!

All total, as far as we know..we have mailed out 545 or so letters.

Last week, Dan and I were dreading this project.  SOOOO much to do!!

This week, we are excited!  I’m starting the slideshow so Saturday night we can just insert pictures and burn DVD’s to get the project out there so people will see what God did through us and our awesome team and want to donate to Lifesong to help us bring everyone home.

I’m saying “everyone” loosely.  We are praying for God’s provision to add 2 more children (separate country) to the Dziagwa family.  All we have to do is raise Mayah’s funds AND an additional $3500 to commit..and that’s it!!  We’re DONE.  We wait to meet and welcome sweet Mayah and move on to another dossier building 😉  we are excited and confident God will provide.  So please, all you who are reading, share this blog when the project is over so people can see how God is blessing so many people!!

We met again with Brenda last night.  I’m so excited at the new projects that were devised;)

We are painting her sons’ room kawasaki green!  They are motocross fans 😉  adding blinds to all 4 windows upstairs and curtains to the boys’ room as well 😉

In her sweet daughter’s room…we are painting her room pink 😉  I would LOVE to get the wooden letters and spray paint her name in purple and put them on her wall 😉

In addition to the new paintjob…she will be receiving a new ceiling as well.  We placed the order last night, and JT is ordering our cart as we speak;)  (thank you HALLIBURTON!!)

In the staircase we are adding white wainscotting and freshening up the paint in the hallway with a sky blue at Brenda’s request.

Her front porch roof will no longer be unsafe…a new one will be rebuilt entirely!  Again..thank you HALLIBURTON!

We will be giving her garage a fresh coat of paint on the outside as well…and hopefully adding shelving to the garage to help the boys feel more organized with their “man business” of motorbikes, etc.

Katie Shick from our church will be joining us all day photographing the before, during and afters of the daily events.  We are so excited to share the results on Saturday night (if we aren’t too tired afterwards!!)

In addition, we will likely send a press release to the local newspapers about the finished project.

Our children will be under the wonderful care of Maggie Mack from our church, they are looking forward to it.  And a special thanks to Maggie’s parents Bev and Kevin who took over the cost of paying Maggie for us!!  Always nice to have any sort of financial burden lifted. 

Please join us in praying this week for everyone to show up the day of the project, for everyone to get the job done and glorify God in the process sharing His love!!  And for God to move in the hearts of the recipients of the letters to donate to our cause and reaching our goal!!  Our goal only a God as wonderful as ours can attain.


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