What Is It Exactly?

THe Both Hands Project….it’s getting a lot of “press” on our facebook and we have been posting about it on our blog…but I guess we didn’t exactly say what it was all about.

It all started a few years ago when JT OLSON, founder of Both Hands sent out support letters for a golf outing to support a great cause.  (no idea what that cause was) he received his letter back from a friend who wrote on it, ‘maybe if you were working on a widow’s home I would support you…great cause but not my money”

A few years later JT’s friends were adopting 4 children from Moldova!  In an effort to raise funds, JT remembered the letter from his friend and Both Hands was formed.  Together, the very first BH project raised $55,000 of the $60,000 needed!!!!

So…we have built a team of wonderful volunteers:  Vikki Spaid, Billie Letso, Steve and Erinn Uher, Katie Shick, Mary Askew, John Feulmer, Mike and Armena, Christian, Jim Grey, Mary and Ann Dziagwa, Dan and Tammy Dziagwa (of course!) Jesse Laney, Sharon Denson and Bobby, and MAYBE some extras to show up on the day of the project.  MOST of the above listed people mailed out 25-100 letters (well one couple mailed out 100!!) resulting in the 565 (I can’t remember) or so letters that were mailed out.  The letters asked friends and family to sponsor them while they were working on Brenda’s house.  Ultimately putting Brenda and Mayah and the other kids (names to come later!) together 😉  Because of the generous donations of the people sponsoring, our adoptions will happen!!

who exactly is Brenda?  Brenda attends the church down the street from us in town.  I (tammy) met her mother in June at a yardsale/fundraiser we were holding at Dan’s parents’ house.  We got to talking about fundraisers and her mom shared with me a fundraiser they were doing to help Brenda.  Why?  Because Brenda’s husband, Bob, had just passed away a few weeks prior.  He had Leukemia.  Bob and Brenda have 3 children; 2 boys and 1 girl.  15 years-7 years.  Much too young to grow up without their father.  We have been BLESSED to be able to bless each person in their family.  We are painting the kids’ rooms whatever color THEY choose!  Brenda will get a mini-make over of her home.  It won’t take away any of the emptiness and saddness any one of them feel without their dad/husband in the home…but we are praying so hard it makes them feel a bit of comfort.  To look at fresh paint, or see their new porch roof and realize they have experienced a pain far too early in their own lives that many people reading this post will not have experienced…and know…somehow…God will always love them

How much do we need to raise?  $18,000  seems quite large.  However…the God that MADE the mountains can certainly MOVE them.  I think it’s exciting to see this happen!!  Every single time we have needed any money to make this adoption keep moving along…GOD HAS PROVIDED.  We do not refer to him as “Jehovah Jireh”  for nothing.

What can YOU do?  Well if you aren’t working with us, and you haven’t mailed our support letters…PLEASE post a link to this blog and post about the project AND please share the video we will be posting (slideshow) of the before, during and after pics of the project.  Pray.  Pray God moves in the hearts of everyone reading this post/sees the video/receives a letter.

How do YOU Donate?    GREAT QUESTION! 😉  go to http://www.bothhandsfoundation.org/donate/  please be sure to put “Dziagwa#1335” in the purpose when you donate via paypal/credit card.

If you choose to mail in a donation:  Please mail it to: 

Both Hands Foundation, P.O.Box 2713 Brentwood, TN 37024 

same rule applies:  on the memo portion of your check, please put “dziagwa #1335”.  Lifesong will graciously send us every penny we raise to help bring the kids home!!

no amount is too small!!!  We will be gracious for every $1, $5 to $5,000+ donation we receive!!  We have sent PLENTY  of $5 donations to people adopting and watched them reach their goals!!!


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