I know, I know.  I’m a terrible blogger these days. 

On a brighter note, I’m a terrible blogger because I’m not spending my time at the computer and enjoying the moments with the gifts here at home with me!

I ask for an update weekly on Mondays how our BH fundraiser is going.  NOTHING like I had planned…NOTHING.  We are currently at $400.  That’s IT.

I can’t believe it.

HOWEVER….we aren’t submitted yet, so it’s not like we’re left hanging.  God WILL work it all out.  My grumbling about it, only joins people IN this world and not joining my Father in whom our faith lies.  So…NO we haven’t yet raised the money…YES we are confident it will happen. 

Our dossier was sent and arrived in 24 hours.  We were set to be submitted the following Thursday, which just so happened to be yesterday.  Notice we aren’t rejoicing in submission.  One paper had an incorrect date which had already been approved…needless to say we do not need to express our unhappiness in money and time wasted when it could have been prevented. 

On the OTHER hand…if we are believing in God for HIS TIMING then we are NOT behind, we are exactly on time. 

Now, we are set to be submitted  September 9th. 

I’ve learned many many things about other people, my faith, God’s Word and oh so much more in this journey.  One thing is for sure…God has taught me that *I* don’t have to be the one doing everything  if I stop DOING that gives HIM who is ABLE the ABILITY to do FAR MORE than I could ever think or imagine. 

In other family news:  Alexander had his first day of prek yesterday.  He LOVED it!  And while I continue with my plans to homeschool…admittedly, I was definitely enticed by having an empty house daily.  However, I understand all too soon will all my children be grown and I will have an empty nest instead.  I think I’ll wait for the quiet, it’s overrated anyway. 

 The house has been getting a complete clutter makeover!  Always a positive thing.  We (*I*) have been going through closets and donating clothing.  For a while I thought we needed to buy more hangers, then I realized we didn’t each need 10 t-shirts, 12 pair of sweatpants, etc.  Donating is good anyways.

I’m going to try to blog more.  I’ve realized I can just leave the blog window up and get a paragraph in here and there instead of devoting an entire time slot neglecting my household and family responsibilities. 

We are off to have a nice Polish family dinner at Dan’s parents’ house.  His sister is attending as well…we are all excited to get together;)  feels like it has been a while for the lot of us simultaneously.

Our FSP with Reece’s Rainbow is still $0!!!!!  Please, if you feel led, any dollar amount is appreciated;)


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  1. I had to run over and see how you’re doing. I’m sorry the response has been light so far on your project–that makes me sad. I do hope money will still come in. I know you were a huge blessing to the family you helped and I know that God sees that and is pleased.

    I have really been struggling with stress over financing our adoption.

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