The room is ready!

A special thank you to craigslist;)  we were able to purchase 2 matching sets of bunkbeds for the kids!!

Thanks to Molly Raraigh for giving us a pink bedset and an extra set of sheets!  Now Mayah’s bed is only missing a purple comforter.  God will see to it we have that as well;) 

Gage has successfully learned how to climb and descend from the ladders.  (oh boy!)  Now I feel like we are on high alert all the time.

We had a great weekend together.  Saturday, we celebrated with some friends at church who renewed their wedding vows after making it an amazing 25 years!  I got to share with a friend, Cheryl, what I thought was an insignificant story-not an hour later she was recycling my story to another woman who was able to find comfort.  God IS amazing.

Sunday we went to the fair.  NOT my cup of tea.  Dan and the boys enjoyed it. 

I am LOVING my new van!!!  We pack a small cooler when we are going to be out for a while, encouraging us to save every single penny my hard-working husband earned.

No financial updates.  It’s incredibly difficult to DO nothing about it.  God provides.  How can HE who created the world do a mighty works if I’m always getting his His way?  God is doing a great thing in me.  I know I’ll be happy when it’s over;)  Sometimes yes, I find it difficult to, “count it all joy…”  but God is mighty!

I was able to post some items we have downstairs in the basement on craigslist.  Happy to get them out of the house AND raise some money for the girls 😉  I still have a couple items to put up this week.

I started running again.  I’m sooo thankful for it too.  I like running.  I felt great, I started looking better, I missed it.  Praying to get a treadmill I found in our price range on CL.  Laps in the basement is interesting to say the least.  Better than the alternative though!  (NOT running at all)

We have decided to rid ourselves of toddler beds!  The older boys have the bunks and G is still in his crib.  We spent good money on A’s mattress and would hate to see it go to waste.  What are we doing?  We’ll play a round of mattress swap and get a trundle for the bunk beds!  Each boy can take his turn on the top, the bottom and the trundle.  We are incredibly happy with this decision AND it will save space once the crib is out of there!

Here is a pic of the girls’ beds.  We were also able to get their clothing put in their new dresser (Thanks to Aunt Di!) and dresses have been put in their closet.  Thanks to SVDP we were able to purchase beautiful pictures to decorate.  Their room looks the best in the house!

They will also have a desk to sit at and a play kitchen thanks to our neighbor D*!

And to end on a positive note:  I’ve already started Christmas shopping.  We have  a few more smaller items to get then we’re off to the bigger items.  Come to think of it, I need to hit up CL again to look for a few things!!


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