Ugh, Homeschool materials.  I mentioned in an earlier post how simply sending our children to public school sounds enticing for selfish motives alone.  After reading some facebook updates from the highschool generation yesterday I was quickly reminded that public schooling is simply NOT AN OPTION. 

I thought I was going back to where I began with curriculum, but my BFF posted some reviews on it for me and I didn’t like them.  That being said, we are back to the drawing board.  I *think* I find THE ONE daily.  I know God will deliver the right one for our family. 

A is in public school right now.  We did decide that all of the children will at least go to prek at the school.  Gives them a chance to get out and meet new friends.  A is reading at a first grade level, clearly pk is NOT where he needs to be academically.  I need to get him K materials so he’s ready for 1st grade at home next year. 

I have zero intentions on schooling the girls before next school year.  They don’t even speak english let alone be willing to learn in a separate language! 

I got to touch base with my husband, my man, this morning.  It was wonderful.  We are growing together in the Lord so much, we are simply forgetting what life was like without the Lord being the center of it all.

As the day has progressed, I believe the rabbit trail of the HS search has led me to something magnificent!  I suppose we’ll find out shortly.  I was able to find one in our price range and made an offer to a woman.  I can’t hardly wait!!  I will be sure to review it if she accepts;)  God is awesome!!

I’ve also been blessed enough to find myself in a new ‘groove” seems to be working so far.  Earlier, when we started homeschooling “for ‘fun”‘, I had to get it done right away!!  I was distracted by the household chores and it had me wondering if I would ever “arrive” as a HS Mom.  The doubt began sinking in.

I have been able to de-clutter my house even more (which I LOVE) and it’s making all the housework easier to get through.  Little here, little there and voila!  I’m hoping, next school year, with D in PK and A,G and at least M home we can make the-time-formerly-known-as-naptime as HS time.  We’ll see!  Of course, G will still be napping!!  (or at least he’d better be)


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