Another Fundraiser

It’s not a secret we need to raise a lot of money.  God has allowed me to learn there is a line between faith and pride.  Who knew? 

 I do.  Now.  I suppose a walk with God would be boring if it lacked even that type of adventure. 

I had a short talk with one of our pastors a few weeks ago about the line between the two.  God showed me I was getting lost in the verse, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  Great verse.  I use it often.  Even while I’m running.  HOWEVER my emphasis was on the wrong part.  I not Christ.  I began having faith in my faith not the Lord on which my faith is built.  The Rock Himself.  I measured our level of success by how much faith I had in my faith.  Maybe it’s hard to explain, maybe you get the idea.  In any case, I’m not there any longer.  God has ineed brought me to my knees figuratively and literally.  I’m still there. 

It’s a season in our process. 

I have no idea when we are going to travel.  That’s the truth. 

I have no idea how we are going to raise the rest of the money.  That’s the truth.

I’m overwhelmed with the lack of response by the almost 600 support letters we mailed out total.  There have been I think about 6 people who have donated.  Yes we know who donates and who does not.  We also see the amount donated!!  I can also say not a single family member and only one friend has donated.  The others were strangers.  The largest dollar amount was $200 and the smallest was $5.00.  We are greatful for every single dollar that has come in.  We are praying for $15,00o more dollars to follow. 

Dan and I are currently praying about a possible “big ticket item” to raffle off.  We’re waiting for God on that one. 

In the interim, we’re going to hold an auction on our blog.  I don’t have the details yet, or the items available.  Hopefully we will get it started on Sunday and End it Friday night. 

More details will come. 

If you feel led:  every single dollar counts.  Please donate via paypal at

Please put “Dziagwa#1335” it is far more cost efficient for people to donate this way than any other.  lifeson does not charge people to use paypal this way.  If we asked people to donate via our FSP on RR, RR asks that people kindly donate the added 3% in paypal fees.  HOWEVER if you’d like to mail a donation, please go to the same website and the mailing address is offered.  Please don’t forget to add “Dziagwa#1335” on the memo line of your check.

WE thank you so much!!


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