going herbal

The older I get, the more I’m learning.  Gee, what a concept!  I’m learning God has provided plenty of non-medical remedies on this earth for us.  It’s high time we begin using them.  Thankfully, my bff is a naturalist extraordinaire.  I’ve got a heads-up to the best of the best and places to get them.  I also got introduced to Dr. Winer on the radio on my talk station Saturday mornings.  I NEED an under the cabinet radio/cd player so I can listen in the kitchen.  I’m planning on calling in to obtain some advice. 

I read yesterday many vaccines have “stuff” from aborted babies.  Oh. My. Word.   That just reconfirms our family’s decision to no longer vax and completly appals me.  Completely.  Sick. 

Our new carseats came in yesterday, the kids were very excited.  I need to order M’s shortly as well.

Yesterday we went to the chiropractor for the first time in a YEAR.  I can hardly believe it myself.  What an incredibly long time to go between adjustments.  However, when you think about it, it IS what God wants for our bodies.  To not NEED to go to any kind of doctor except Jehova Rapha himself.  Dan and I needed nothing special, A needed a bit more than normal, D screamed the entire time (it’s his thing) and G got adjusted by both doctors.  Monday morning, on our walk, I noticed his foot turning in.  According to Doctor Chris, his pelvis was jammed.  He will return in 2 weeks for another. 

As of this writing, I’m sitting at the table anxiously awaiting the mailman.  I’m totally expecting our docs that had to be redone in the mail today.  The kids are eating, the laundry is in, so WHEN the docs arrive we can hopi n the megavan and mail them overnight to UA.  Praying next week we are submitted!  One more week. 

We will need roughly 15k.  Dan feels the Holy Spirit guiding him to mail a support letter to one more person.  I am pondering another fundraiser.  Praying we both are able to be guided by the One that made us. 

Another exciting announcement, CARTER HAS A FAMILY!!!!  I’ve removed his button from the right side of my page.  How amazing.  I can’t wait to find out who the family is and hopefully follow their journey to him.  I Love it!  I hopped over to the http://www.reecesrainbow.org/myfamilyfoundme.html page last night after having coffee with Billie and my heart skipped a beat from excitement!!


I am incredibly happy for this little guy.  Isn’t God awesome?

I hopped over to the page last night and noticed a beautiful little girl in Carter’s area that had a family…immediately I thought of Carter.  I scrolled down just one more picture and there he was!  I’m thinking they *may* be becoming brother and sister. 

Now…if only this sweet girl would get a family:

Someone PLEASE go after this little one.  We adore her.  I have not had a SVETA FRIDAY in a while.  Hopefully tomorrow I will have time to celebrate her life on this blog and pray her forever family reads it or finds her.  We serve a God who can do anything

Sadly:  the mail did not bring me good news…no paperwork from the SOS.  Which will be leading to another post later.  ;/


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