1st Ever Sveta Friday Earring Drawing!!

Yes, God had me resting from fundraising for just over a month.  I’m refreshed and ready to go!!!

We are now going to be holding a drawing of some sort every friday.  10% of all the proceeds will go towards Sweet Sveta’s adoption account!!

Today we are starting a 24 hour drawing for beautiful earrings!!

RULES:  $3 per chance.  We will be giving away 2 sets of earrings (2 WINNERS)

We will hold the drawing for 24 hours total

We will announce the drawing on the blog.

YOU will get to choose which pair of earrings you would like

If there are two people wanting the same pair, the person who paid for more chances will get “first pick”.

You have the ability to win BOTH SETS!  Just buy more than one chance!! 

if you have any questions please email me at dziagwax6@gmail.com

Shipping is included in the price!

Multiple ways to pay:

Via paypal @ http://www.reecesrainbow.org/sponsordziagwa.html we do ask kindly to add 3% (or 1 CENT) for every three dollars paid to paypal so RR doesn’t have to absorb the fees.  THANK YOU!!  Please be sure to put “DZIAGWA FSP” in the memo on the “sale”

if you do NOT have a paypal or do not want to pay over the internet, Please mail a check or money order to:

Reeces Rainbow

PO BOX 4024

Gaithersburg, MD 20885

This is going to be on the honor system.  Please comment on the blog how many chances you are paying for and how you sent payment.  We will NOT get notification of payment right away so it’s important that YOU notify US of payment and for how many chances you paid for. 

The drawing will end at 3:35 pm Saturday, September 4, 2010 THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU!!

And without further adieu:

All earrings come hanging on the holder and also come in a box for storage

pair #1

These earrings are beautiful sage crystals with a small goldish-brown crystal in the middle. They have matching (top and bottom) silver pearls


this pair have beautiful square clear crystals on the bottom with turquoise pearls with 2 small clear crystals and topped with turquoise crystals on top

pair #3

beautiful pearls on the bottom! The top has very light pink crystals. I can think of so many outfits this pair would go with!

pair #4

I will admit, the picture doesn't do this cute pair any justice! This pair is a shorter set with a clear square crystal in the middle the top and bottom of each earring have lavender triangular crystals

pair #5

I think of the up and coming holidays when I see this pair! Beautiful larger pearls on the bottom with a hearty red crystal on the top

pair #6

anyone else thinking fall? These pair also have a larger sister pair a bit more elegant as well. Again with the deep triangular red crystals on the bottom with orange smaller crystals on the top

Pair #7

The larger set to pair #6 The same red and orange with tiny clear crystals separating the colors. Another favorite;)

Pair #8

A striking pair to go with your little black dress! 3 identical turquoise pearls in ascending size (or descending depending on how you're looking at them!)Pair #9Another beautiful pair the camera isn't easy on. This pair is a bit longer and have small light blue crystals on the tops, then a beautiful small silver engraved ball, with a larger clear crystal on the bottom

Pair #10

Oh how I LOVE these! Large amethyst crystals on the bottom with pearls in the middle and the top has translucent brown tiny crystals and also above the bottom crystals. Can we say LOVE?!

Pair #11

Another adorable longer pair: 2 beautiful silver pearls with 2 pink crystals creating the pattern

Pair #12

This pair is incredibly unique and I've never seen anything like them. They are almost slate looking pearls with translucent gray crystals separating them on the top and the middle. This pair could go with almost anything and look great!

pair #13

Magnetic! No, really, they are! Which is why I was only able to put 1 in the picture, they kept coming together! This is a shorter set with a small silver ball topping and a metallic gray pearl on the bottom. Another simple yet elegant pair to go with anything! And you know they'll always be "together"!

Thank you so much for participating and helping to bring our future daughters HOME where they BELONG!!

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