First…as always…a picture of the pixie;)

For the life of me, I have absolutely NO IDEA how or why this little cutie is STILL AN ORPHAN!!  Watch out, world…I think I’m going to get angry.  😉

Really, HIV?  Is that ? Please, I dare you, reader who thinks she’s cute and would make a great addition to your family, find me ONE good reason, ONE family who has adopted an HIV+ child and REGRETTED IT!  I belong to the HIV+ adoption group on YAHOO!  I have yet to come across someone who wants a return.

I’m not kidding, if someone said, “here is the $, just go get her”  we’d be on the next flight to EE.  Without a doubt. 

Sveta’s grant is STILL at $244.  I am mailing a check today for $25.  If you do not feel called to add this sweet child of God into your home. PLEASE send money to her account.  Quite frankly, I don’t care if it’s $.50 every single penny will help this baby girl get a loving home;)  Thank you!

I’m thinking about eventually starting a bi-weekly giveaway on Sveta Friday to raise money for her account.  More to come on that one.


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  1. This precious little girl is from the same baby house that our son was at. I can assure you that she has received great care. This baby house has Montessori programs and even has a swimming pool for the kiddos. The region is really nice and I have contact with several people who have adopted from there and who have lived there.

    If I had the money, I would be there in a heart beat.

    If anyone has any questions about the region, feel free to email me.

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