And the winners are…….

Theresa and Christina

 You have the choices of the earrings posted in the original fundraising post.

Because of everyone we were able to raise $37.80 for our girls’ adoptions and $4.20 will be sent to Sveta’s Account via paypal later this evening;)

 We know many of you who donated via Both Hands were later sent an email that the way I posted was an incorrect way.  You can choose to pay in any way you prefer…IMO is the best way.

we do ask that you add 3% to the total payment so RR doesn’t have to incur the fees.

we thank all of you who helped us this week!!!

There will be ANOTHER drawing for something else next Friday for Sveta Friday;)

we are very excited to be getting closer to our girls!!

If you would like to buy a set of earrings we will deduct $3 from each paiR you’d like to purchase.  They are originally sold for $10 per pair including shipping.  From now until next Friday’s drawing we will offer them to people who donated at $7 PER PAIR!!!


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