First, I sent the money this morning via paypal to Sveta’s account.  I will update her thermometer as well 😉

We will be doing another 24 giveaway next weekend.  Details will be posted on Friday.

I FINALLY got our docs in from the SOS yesterday.  They were shipped yesterday and because of the holiday, they won’t arrive until Thursday.  There was no way to get the overnighted at all.  BOO.  HOWEVER it IS on God’s time. 

We are now hoping to travel mid-october.  Another BOO.  I wanted to be home by then.  Again…it’s on God’s Timing, not ours. 

We had a simply wonderful day yesterday. 

This is how truly amazing our God really is.

We were supposed to have a play date with a friend of the boys.  A few days prior, God told me Saturday was going to be for “something else” not the playdate.  Uh, God…do I just cancel and say, “I have no idea why.”?  Friday I get an email from B’s mom telling me they had to change their plans on Saturday and would be unable to make it.  I shared with her how great God is.  It was still at this time we had no idea what was going on. 

Finally, Saturday morning almost afternoon, I share this inkling with my husband.  “HMM” he says, and left it at that. 

We continued to discuss a few goings on here and prayed together a few times. 

This is our story:

A few months ago God told Dan we needed to give away our mini-van.  I of course, wanted to sell a vehicle.  And definitely did NOT want to give up my mini-van, Penny.  Yes, that was her name.  It’s no longer her name because she’s no longer mine.  I have a bigger van now.  I love it!  The van-formerly-known-as-Penny was driven by my husband for a few weeks.  Friday, he started driving his car again. 

We later decided we should sell the car.  It just simply didn’t work out with the guy who was buying it. 

It was then we were back to giving away the van.  I called the church to see if they had a need.  No need immediately stood out to them, but people were praying. 

Dan was talking with another man who we thought had a need for the van in his family.  We wait a week or so and Dan finally calls yesterday.  Saturday.  The day God told me was going to be a great day.  I felt something was going to happen, I assumed the other family would want to come get the van for their other family member right away. 

That simply was not the case.

During Dan’s phone call, I post a sign on the door (he was outside):  “Stop talking, this doesn’t feel right.” 

He gets off the phone and no kidding, a minute later I initiate a chat with someone on facebook about their status update.  In this conversation, I see the line about them needed a new car. 

There it was.

On Saturday.

THE something AMAZING.

I simply asked if she wanted our van.  Her reply, “We have no money, honey.”  *”That’s not what I asked”  I said.  “I said, do you WANT it?” 

MMM to be filled with that power.  The power of the Holy Spirit working in you, incredible. 

Needless to say, this new family will have the van, the one that is no longer ours, still sitting in our yard.  This week Dan is going to change the oil and we’re going to clean it up and we’ll be on our way in a week to its new family!!

Isn’t the God we serve AMAZING?


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  1. Very Amazing Tammy! I am inspired by the sincere way you and your husband strive to please the Lord. And I’m tickled about the line saying your paperwork has been sent. Is this your dossier?!!

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