What a weekend!

Ah, this weekend was more than I imagined.  We planned for Labor Day weekend to be a great time spent with family.  Dan works a lot of hours, and A especially has a particularly hard time with Daddy not being home when he wakes up.  We have had 2 nights of fires and food outside;)  Everything tastes better when it’s made over the fire, doesn’t it?

Nana visited yesterday and enjoyed time with us and today both Nana AND Pappy came to visit and the neighbor kids came over and played and had smores, popcorn and played IN the van all night.  No lie, we decided to have a camp-out in the back yard in the van.  They had a blast playing monsters, aliens, racing, whatever their imaginations dreamed of, they did!  We had so much fun watching and listening to them all play together.  I love this house!  I LOVE having wonderful neighbors who love to play.  Dan and I are incredibly excited at the thought of Mayah and Lauren playing together next year.  Lauren will probably be so excited to have a female companion!

Church was wonderful as well.  Everything about it was handed directly from God himself.  Beautiful.  We are so happy and so blessed to call that place our home. 

Our plane tickets got booked today!  We are excited.  Dan and I, though it will be a fast-but-long trip are looking forward to the short adventure together.  Thanks *K family for allowing us this time together. 

God is doing amazing things in our lives.  I’m so blessed to be the daughter of One Awesome God. 

Mayah’s FSP with RR is up to $47.  Everyone who must have purchased ‘chances’ yesterday, must have changed their payments to RR.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing that her FSP is no longer at $0.  FINALLY.  Thank you Jesus!!

Thanks to freecycle, we are getting a piano!  Just in time for Mayah to be here, Alexander to start learning and the others to start playing on.  This will be my second free piano in my lifetime.  My first, when I was a child, was blue.  No lie.  It was a blue upright piano.  I’m not even sure why or even how we got it.  My parents could never afford lessons.  Eventually, when I got older, I taught myself via keyboard in high school.  I’m sooo looking forward to playing again.  How I loved it. 

It’s getting late and my house is quiet.  G is sleeping and the boys are camping outside with their Daddy. 

Working on a plan for our first ever auction!  We’ve got some AMAZING things (especially for the locals)

For the non locals, I’m working on some amazing things as well, I wouldn’t forget you!

I only wish I would have thought of doing Sveta Friday giveaways so much earlier.  We hope to be in Ukraine in 1 month (or thereabouts) and we still need to raise about $9700.  God CAN do it!  It’s all on His time.  I know I definitely needed my time away from fundraising.  I’m sure other people were glad to have a reprieve as well.


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