Sveta Friday Drawing!!

Happy Sveta Friday!!

I’m working on an update for us but it will have to wait until Saturday after the drawing is over;)

Check out what Lindsey Malone:

has donated from her Scentsy Business!!

Lindsey was kind enough to donate a plug-in warmer ($15 value) and 2 bars of scents ($10 total value of bars) 

*shipping is also donated by Lindsey, how nice is that?!*

The available scents are:

Camu Camu
Perfectly Pomegranate
Vanilla Walnut
Clean breeze
Citru Sun Tea (4)
Maple butter (4)
Enchanted Mist
Blueberry Cheesecake
Sweetpea and Vanilla
Tropical twist
Paradise Punch
Grape Granita (2)

She has 1 of each of the above with the exception of the noted scents as indicated by (#)

Lindsey also does online Scentsy parties and people EASILY can order their products and the shipping is incredibly fast!!  She is now booking parties in her local area for October.  If you don’t know what Scentsy is, PLEASE check it out!!

I would also like to say, if you’re looking for an extra income (small or large!) please check out the “join” section of Lindsey’s site.  Joining Scentsy is cheap!!  (I’m thinking of doing it myself) and the products really do sell themselves.  Lindsey is very excited to share her business with anyone interested, so PLEASE email her if you’d like!!

Also, if you are in need of a great fundraiser idea Scentsy is it!!  Lindsey’s contact information is on her website. 

 * You do NOT need to be a local to host an online party or fundraiser*

As usual, in honor of Sveta Friday 10% of all funds donated will go to Sveta’s FSP:

And just because it is SVETA FRIDAY here is her picture. 

Really all, if you have any reservations about adopting a child with HIV PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do your research.  Project Hopeful is a great place to start!!  I have been learning a LOT as we go along so please email me at I assure you NO QUESTION is lame or stupid .  If an answer means you will gain knowledge leading Sveta to gaining a FOREVER FAMILY it’s totally worth it. 









And most certainly, last but NOT LEAST is our Mayah.  The reason we are doing this in the first place. 

We still need to raise about $9,700 to fully fund Mayah’s adoption.  Let me reassure you





Each donation made to Reece’s Rainbow, whether it’s online to our FSP

or via check or money order through the mail:

Reece’s Rainbow

PO BOX 4024

Gaithersburg, MD 20885

is tax deductible.  When you donate please be sure to add “DZIAGWA FSP” on either the memo line of the check or money order or in the “special message to the seller” when paying via paypal. 


CHANCES for the drawing are $3 for 1 and $5 for two.  If you’d like to purchase 3 chances it’s $8 and 4 chances $10.

Like the last drawing, this one will last 24 hours!

As a bonus, if you advertise for us with a link to our blog (facebook, twitter, your own blog, etc) we will add an extra chance in for you!  Please be sure to notify us via comment on this blog of your advertising for us!  *HOLLA!*  

*at least one purchase is necessary for the free chance*

Again, chances are on the honor system:  when you purchase chances via RR please be sure to leave a comment on this blog how many chances you are paying for.

If you have any questions please email me:

Again, if you pay via paypal with RR please include an extra 3% to cover paypal fees so RR doesn’t have to incur the charges. 

 (30 cents for every $10 donated(cheaper than a stamp or fees to purchase a money order))

We thank you all for stopping by our Sveta Friday Drawing.   We are so excited at the outpouring of volunteers we have had to donate items each Friday to help us raise funds.  Please share our blog with your friends!!






































































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