Welcome to the Third Sveta Friday Drawing!!

Sveta is a beautiful cutie pie living in Eastern Europe.  Sveta does have HIV and a possible  heart condition.  No kidding, if Dan and i were to receive 100% funding we’d get her ASAP.  HIV should never keep someone from having a home.  Please, if you are skeptical as Dan and I were when we became Sveta’s Prayer Warriors, please feed your brain with knowledge.  There are plenty of groups and other parents who currently have children with HIV living in their home!!  If you have any questions at all, PLEASE don’t be ashamed to ask them.  dziagwax6@gmail.com and we’ll be happy to help.

She deserves a home, don’t you think?  She should not suffer because of something that was out of her control.  Please join us in praying Sveta gets a home.

We were submitted to the system in ukraine yesterday!!  Now we are waiting to get an appt with the SDA.  In the meantime, we still need to raise over $9,700 (i’ll get the exact figure later) to bring her home.  We are fundraising left and right upside down and sideways.  In fact, we have been fundraising non-top since January of this year with the exception of August.  Our God has provided every single dollar we have needed and we remain faithful He will do it now.  If you are in a position to donate just $1 we’ll be happy to add it to Mayah’s account!! If $1 is out of your budget, we encourage you to join us in prayer.  Please pray God moves in the hearts of those He is calling and the called hear and feel Him moving.  Thank you!  We long so much and our hearts are aching to bring our girl HOME where she belongs. 

Now, without making you read anything more…..(almost) here is this week’s ADORABLE drawing prize!!!

Faith Jobes another adoptive Mom I “met” through my sister, Beth is adopting from another country in EE.  They are making hats and beautiful bows for their daughter’s adoption fund.  We have purchased 2 hats already from Faith and probably will own all colors in the future!  This is your chance to get one for little cost AND free shipping!!!

She can be found by “Faith Jobes” on facebook and her photoalbum is “Headbands for Hope” 

This is the hat we just bought on Thursday.

This is the next one I’d like to get

we got pink on pink for Mayah

There are just sooo many!!!  Orange, cream, more AND headbands!!

How pretty is she?!

Baby Girlies look adorable as well with a Headband for Hope!!

Love them like we do?!

You too can own 1 (or more!!)

Chances are the same as always $3 for 1 and $5 for two.

The Drawing is starting at 7am Friday and will End at Noon EST on Saturday.

Please make all donations to :


all donations are tax deductible!!

Our goal for this Sveta Friday is $50!!

Like every Friday, 10% goes to Sveta (we seem to be donating that personally every week so Mayah gets the full amt raised)

There is a thermometer on the side which still needs to be updated once RR updates our FSP.  We are in need of about $9921 to be fully funded!!  GOD CAN DO THIS!!

When you donate via RR please leave a comment or email at dziagwax6@gmail.com or via facebook how many chances you paid for so we can enter you in the drawing.  We are not made aware of daily donations to our FSP, so if you don’t tell us, we can’t enter you for this beautiful hat/headband!!

Thank you all for helping us raise money for Mayah and Sveta!!!


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  1. Hello friend

    I just contributed $20 through RR—I hope it gets to you 🙂 So wish it could be a whole lot more–but I KNOW our God is more than able to multiply the seed!

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