Sveta Friday Came Early!!

I think we are going to run this drawing until Saturday at noon;)

****Molly was generous enough to add that WHEN we reach $200 in donations she will add another candle to the gift set!!  Molly says she will add a 16 oz Heritage Candle!!****

My Dear, dear friend, Molly Raraigh is a Gold Canyon Consultant.  She was generous enough to donate this wonderful gift set!!

   The italics under each description are my personal comments 😉

‎5oz Apple Spice heritage candle – Delicious baked apples sprinkled with cinnamon, nutmeg and rich vanilla. (25-30 hours burn time.)  mmmm just in time for fall, friends!!

9 pack Clean Sheets tealights – The warm feeling of crisp, lean sheets captured through a breezy blend of f…ruits and florals with a touch of musk. (each tealight 5-7 hour burn time.)I had a tealight that I would leave on top of my toaster oven (accident!!) and it would melt and the house would smell wonderful!!  Just from a tealight;)  AND to top if off…I have a clean sheets candle.  I can put it on my candle warmer in my basement and it will start smelling up the stairs as well!!  Clean sheets is one of my favorite scents!!
Ginger Lime Car Freshener – Bold Citrus and a spicy blast of ginger make this an intriguing and distinctive fragrance that will enliven any environment.  I have a car freshener, it’s the best one I’ve ever had!  I can smell it when my van windows are open and I’m walking down my driveway!  But it’s not crazy strong or overbearing either, it’s just awesome!!

Our total need as of right now, is $8152!!!
We were not given an SDA appt today, which we weren’t expecting…hoping, but not expecting.  We are expecting one in the next 2 weeks;)   
Every dollar donated is tax deductible.  It is going directly to our FSP with Reece’s Rainbow.
Chances are $3 for 1 and $5 for 2.
Some rules for paying:
1.)  If you are paying at  PLEASE be sure to include an additional 3% (15 cents for every $5) to cover paypal fees for Reece’s Rainbow. 
2.)  When you pay to our RR FSP, PLEASE be sure to email me at, leave me a facebook comment, OR post a comment ON THIS BLOG that you paid for xx amount of chances. 
3.)  If you do not want to pay via paypal (credit cards are accepted via paypal even if you don’t have a paypal acct) feel free to mail us a check or money order.  If you still want it to be tax deductible, we will send in a donation in YOUR name so you will get the credit for tax purposes. 
4.)  When you pay via paypal IT IS IMPERATIVE you put “DZIAGWA FSP” on the “message to seller”  Our name MUST be on the transaction somewhere (it does not happen automatically) so we will get the credit to Mayah’s account.
Lastly, please PRAY God moves in the hearts of the people He knows will help us with the last bit of $ to bring home Mayah 😉
We have had an outpouring of donations for drawings, so please keep stopping by, you never know what we’ll have next!!
ONE MORE THING 😉  Can you please post our blog for us on facebook, with your friends, via email, etc.  so we are able to get more traffic and raise more money and awareness for Mayah and adoption.
Our goal for this week’s drawing is $100!!!  No donation is too small.  $1 is better than $0.
Thank you all!
As normal, Dan and I will match 10% to Sveta’s grant.  Please help that little girl get a forever family!!

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    • Thanks Joy! All you have to do is hit “share” on facebook under my post. If you need to just go to my profile and find the posting I have announcing the drawing with the blog addy on it…the option to hit “share” should be there;) Thanks!!

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