We have a date!!

Monday morning came and went like the rest of the mornings last week.  I eagerly checked the time, and when 7:15 am had come and gone like the rest of them, I used my verses to sustain me.  Monday was much easier than the rest that had come before it. 

I remember looking at the clock, it was 4:00pm “It’s 11:00 in Ukraine, I guess we’re not getting a date today.”  I said to myself. 

I was having a post-anniversary dinner with my husband that evening, courtesy of some friends from church;)

My van was getting a part replaced courtesy of my cousin 😉

I was dropping the kids off at Nana’s to meet Dan in town.  While sending a quick email, it came.

Dziagwa Appointment-October 25th, 2010.

I freaked.

No really.  I did!

I closed the laptop so my Mother-in-Law would be unable to see the date before Dan knew.  I had left my cell phone in my van, and I desperately cried out for her phone.  I place the phone in my hands and stare at it, it’s a landline.  (we only have cell phones)

“How do I use it?”

“What’s his number?”

Frantically, on the SECOND try (I forgot the 1 before the area code the first time)  Dan answers.

“What are you doing on October 25th?”

“Hm…in the morning?”

“Are you kidding me?!  That’s our SDA appt date, we got it!”

I don’t know what he said after that, but he was definitely  happy. 

After I hung up the phone, I had to sit for a while and soak it all in before I drove anywhere.

What a perfect night to have a celebratory dinner with my husband. 

I priced tickets with two separate agencies all day on Tuesday. 

Finally, yesterday before we left for church, Dan secured our tickets with a highly recommended agent.  Lonnie Rowland.  He is an adoptive parent himself, from the very same country. 

We leave in 15 days.

I printed our Embassy papers (x2!) yesterday and today I’m going to head to the store for more winter clothing.  We have plenty of summer clothing for next year for sure!  I can’t believe in 2 weeks and 6 days we will have FINALLY met our girl!!

Yes, we are still in need of about $9k to complete everything. 

We are certain God is going to provide. 

I’m not afraid to say, “I don’t know how He will do it.”

I’m more excited to see THAT He will do it.

I love serving a Living God;)

“I will not leave you orphans, I WILL come to you.”


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  1. Praise God!! I can’t wait to follow your journey to your daughter!! I too LOVE serving a Living and Loving God! He is Good ALL of the time.


  2. CONGRATULATIONS! Are you doing a blind referral? Are you going to try to bring Sveta home too, or is it too far from Mayah’s region? We got to chat with her a bit today with her groupa, I can’t stop thinking about her. I’ve posted about her on facebook and am really going to start advocating for her too.

    • if we had the money to add sveta we would adopt her too right now:) we are planning only mayah from her region. any luck with a pic yet? can i get an invite to your blog? we think about doing a back to back for her next year…whatever god has planned we will do!

  3. No, no pic yet. Got to chat with her today though, her groupa was playing in the hallway since it was raining today. She answers with a resounding ‘DA!’ when you ask her a question and says ‘Paka!’ for goodbye and waves her tiny little hand. Today of course we seen them inside and finally seen her without a hat and jacket on. See is about the size of a 2yr old, and her hair is in a little short bob, so cute! Even my husband, who is less than thrilled that I keep pointing out the RR kids quietly to him, agrees she is ridiculously cute. He fears me getting too attached to the kids we are leaving behind, but its too late. I was attached to them all in pictures, but now seeing them all in person is so hard.
    Send me your email, its justplainbeckyw@yahoo.com so I can send a blog invite to you.

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