Looks Like We’re Doing It!

Yes, If you’ve been on my facebook today or know Carolyn Twietmeyer, then you’ve seen the postings about Springing Sveta.

Yes, while we still need about 10k just to get Mayah out, we are also adding Sveta to the mix. 

It’s crazy but we are relying fully on God for this.  There is NO OTHER way to make this possible.

I’ve gotten our dossier ready for notary today…tomorrow Dan is picking up Marriage certificates and doctor stuff and I need to mail off our clearances for notary.  We leave in 11 days…WOW are we cutting it CLOSE! 

God doesn’t care about our timeline…everything is happening on HIS timeline. 

Here is the post from Carolyn Twietmeyer this morning:


This is SVETA!!!

Dawn Patterson used our pendant and created this AWESOME necklace

….AAAAAAND….A PH T with a GREAT reminder!


                          FUNKY FISH Project HOPEFUL necklace/ Project HOPEFUL “It’s not about me.” T-shirt

                                                                             $5.00 Donation Drive

Help SPRING SVETA….Her family leaves in 12 days and because of differing regions $12,000. is needed to get HER HOME…we have to MOVE on this.  This could be Sveta’s last chance at a family.  We are determined to not allow finances or HIV dictate whether a child is set into a family!!

My sincere thanks to Dawn for her generous donation to help SVETA get her forever family!

THE FOLLOWING IS FROM DAWN PATTERSON of www.funkyfishdesigns.com:

On October 3rd, I learned the definition of Hopeful…Full of CONFIDENT EXPECTATION. I learned it from a mom I met at the Together for adoption conference. This Mom, Carolyn Twietmeyer, is the founder of Project Hopeful (www.projecthopeful.org) and let me tell you, she is full of confident expectation. I was so inspired by her. She is one woman, a mom, who has decided to take a stand and fight for something she believes in….education & adoption of HIV+ children. I think I was particularly drawn to her because you can see Jesus in her. When you talk to her, you know that her heart is a heart radically transformed by God. Who wouldn’t be drawn to that?

Carolyn and her Ethiopian daughters created the pendant shown on this necklace. I fell in love with the pendant when I saw it. Being a jewelry designer, I immediately went to the “oh, I would love to design something with that” place. Upon returning from the conference, God immediately showed me what to design. But I didn’t have a clear picture of the “what to do with it” yet. Then I saw this post on Carolyn’s wall:

“I know this family, that is headed to Eastern Europe….in 2 weeks….they have made the decision to add on another child with HIV to bring home….We have got to help raise funds in record time….This could be this little girls last chance to get a family….My mind is reeling with ideas….I am gonna need help and people to commit to reposts…..!!”

That is what I am going to do with it. We will be offering a chance to win this necklace. 100% of the money collected will go toward the adoption of this child. Tickets will be just $5.00.

Just a little info on the necklace….the beads are paper beads made in Uganda by the “Women of Destiny” ministry. This is a group of widows who work with an orphanage run by True Vine Christian Ministries. The pendant was created by Carolyn and her beautiful daughters. Wearing this pendant is intended to signify LOVING children with HIV, thus the (+) positive sign in the palm of the tiny hand.

By: Dawn Patterson


DIRECTIONS FOR ENTRY: Go to www.projecthopeful.org use the “DONATE” button on the home page. **PUT “SVETA” IN THE MEMO WHEN YOU MAKE YOUR PAYMENT.** Every $5.00 donation puts you in the running for these items! The drawing will be held on October 18, 2010!!

we encourage you to copy this post or share the blog entry with your friends and PLEASE CHOOSE LIFE and Be a part of this MIRACLE!!!


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  1. YEAH! YES YES YES! We chatted with Sveta this morning. She was playing outside and was carrying this cute little purse. I locked eyes with her and just silently told her mama was coming. She smiled and her eyes just danced. She knows.
    Tammy when you get your girls home, I will need your address so I Can send them some gifts. 🙂

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  3. Whoohoo! Another kiddo soon to be going HOME from #19. I call all kiddos from #19 my Isaiah’s “siblings”. He has only been home about 8 weeks. Congratulations!

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