Making Mayah Ours and Spring Sveta!!

I would LOVE with all my heart to say this is the last time the phrase, “SVETA FRIDAY DRAWING” will be typed on my blog…HOWEVER that can only be done with prayer and donations;)  It’s all up to YOU!!! 

When we signed on to become Prayer Warriors, we had NO IDEA it would lead us to Mayah’s sister. 

Here are our future princesses:

My Beautiful Mayah. I can't believe in 2 weeks and 1 day we will have gotten to wrap our arms around her!!! I so wonder what she looks like now.

 Presently I am overwhelmed by everything going on around me and also at peace.  My thoughts are overcome with doubt and I am constantly feeing my faith with scripture.  Something which I’m going to do with the rest of naptime once this posting is up;)

If you are interested in receiving PROJECT HOPEFUL gear (beautiful necklace and a shirt!)  Please head here: this is a link of the earlier posting inviting you to PROJECT HOPEFUL’S drawing they are holding for us.  Carolyn Twietmeyer, founder of PH is heading this up for us.  Isn’t she AWESOME?!  If you’re interested in what Project Hopeful is all about, hit up the awesome button on the right hand side of this blog.

We have MANY items available this week thanks to some awesome donors who are pulling so hard for us to get these girls HOME.

Rules are as FOLLOWS: 

$3 for ONE CHANCE and $5 for two chances!  If you’d like to split up your chances into two different items that is OKAY!!  PLEASE be sure to specify when you pay via paypal where you would like your chances to go.  “message to seller” is generally what it says, I think.  you can always leave a comment via the blog or email me at if you forget to put it on the chip-in message.

Our chip-in can be found in text form on the right side of the blog at the top.  “Be a part of the miracle”. 

If you would like to pay via check/money order/cash PLEASE email me

We also ask, when you donate to please pray that God will multiply what you have given and work in the hearts of able people.  He who made the mountains CAN MOVE THEM.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share this blog posting with your friends.  I feel like I am typing this blog with all the gusto I have.  We leave in 10 days…10 days.  And in order to bring BOTH girls home we need to raise $22k roughly.  Children’s lives should NOT have pricetags on them.  Not because of a status, not because they look different…NOT AT ALL!!  Carolyn posted on facebook yesterday, “Wondering….If we aren’t GIVING life…Then are we TAKING life??

I implore you to ask yourself the same question.  The $5 you have, is it better spent on an item…or on these two lives? 


The first two items were sent to us today via my dear friend Lori Harris adopting “Annetta” in EE. 

I was able to hang these beautiful handmade quilts up on my Mom’s quilt rack to show them off.



The girl’s quilt is incredibly soft and I want to keep it for my own girls;)  HOWEVER, we are going to support Lori’s adoption fund for trip 2 and buy some off of her;)  It measures:  39 1/2 *32 inches.



The BOYS quilt:



The boys quilt is equally soft and I’d LOVE to keep this one too.  But my boys outnumber the quilt;)  It measures 37 1/2 inches * 37 1/2 inches. 

The next item is personalized just for YOU or whomever you choose;)

Jessica Koopman was kind enough to donate her abilities for the cause of the girls!!  Unless you know someone named, Victor…you’ll get a separate necklace.  haha

Jessica has added that with the name pendant she will include a hemp chain as well! Thanks, Jessica!!



And last but certainly NOT least are some beautiful hand-made earrings by an “old friend” (we go back to my banking days!)  Teri Pavlosky.  We have re-connected via facebook just in time for her to offer her talents as well. 



Teri also added she will be making a matching set of earrings to go with the last necklace.


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  1. We are so excited for your family. Sweet little Sveta is a child we have been praying for to find a family for quite sometime. She stole my oldest daughter’s and my heart several months ago. We are really excited to see her find them! We are praying and know God can do what man sees as impossible! We’ve been watching miracle after miracle after miracle come alive just this week alone. We are working our way to our little Russian beauty as well. Praying for you and your family and your sweet girls. GOD CAN DO THIS!!!!!

  2. I just found your blog through No Greater Joy Mom. I donated $10 through your Chip-in (at least I think I did! I’m not the best with technology). I would love to have my name thrown in the hat for the name charm. Good luck with your fund-raising and your traveling! I will send up prayers that the money comes in for you!

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