What In The World?!

Are we doing?

Yes, believe it or not I know people crazier than us.  I use them as my baseline.  (Thanks, Val!)

Really, I can’t believe God is calling us to do this thing.  It’s next to impossible.

We were told it’s a lot of time in country.

*God found us extra child-care should we need it.

We didn’t want to drive to Harrisburg and spend LOTS of money on gas, tolls, and time traveling with all the kids.

*God used a friend’s friend to hand deliver the documents for us.

We have a bed ready, we have *some* clothing. 

We need a carseat….actually 2.  They will come once we know more about the girls.

While praying God told me what to name her.

*Why do I still doubt?*


We STILL need about $8k for Mayah’s.  (give or take, it’s all estimated)

WE need about $10k for Sveta!

While I was having a mini-breakdown in the kitchen making breakfast this morning…the ONLY thing keeping me from a complete faith-filled resounding YES is the money.

So which am I serving?


That’s what I said.

So today, our dossier has been notarized and is ready to be overnighted to the “guy.”

Monday, he is taking it to the SOS for apostille.

Then he will overnight it back to us.

Then we’ll take it with us when we leave on Friday.

That’s it!  We’re crazy and our family is growing, and we’re excited!  God has such an awesome chance to use so many of His people!

Just since writing this post, we’ve received another donation (thanks, Val!) AND  one of my fave scriptures”

” Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Philippians 4:6″

Thanks Laurie;)

Continue checking out the drawing items at the post before this one. 

Continue sending your ever so powerful prayers our way, we feel them and they are appreciated!!

Off to get the kids dressed to get this new “beast” mailed off!!


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  1. Hey friend

    I want to direct people to your fundraiser. But I’m not sure what link to use—this blog, or Carolyn’s fundraiser? Let me know what you would prefer.


  2. I’m so praying that God will provide. I wish I had more to give…. All I have are my prayers and the knowledge that our God is bigger and mightier than any 18,000.00 measly dollars that you need to raise!!

  3. Tammy, I say if a person has to be crazy, why not be crazy for a good cause. I am just totally amazed that you could put together a second dossier so quickly. Sheesh, I can’t even get an addendum to our home study back to USCIS that fast. You are right, we do NOT serve money. The Father is my source–He keeps reminding me of that.

  4. I just e-mailed her… She is out of the office and won’t be back in until Monday so I got an automated response…. Put your need on the RR yahoo group. Let people know. Link the RR group to your blog (past in the http link) so that people can link easily. Let people know your desire to get Sveta but your struggle financially. I am praying!

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