Remove this Doubt!!

Why is it that money (I think) is the sole reason for this doubt?

It’s now less than a week until we leave that I fully wonder if we’re going to even leave this country…let alone bring home 2 girls.

So much doubt has entered my mind.  I keep turning to certain scriptures to remove it, and it’s effective for about 5 minutes or so.

I feel incredibly weak.  And human.  And fallen.

My closest friends are wonderful supporters.  Completely my Aaron and Hur.  Thanks ladies!  You two can battle over who is who;)

I have had many many people contact me about helping with fundraisers for Sveta.  Without having heard from Carolyn about the funds raised thusfar, we are at a total need of about $9800 for adding Sveta.

For Mayah, we are at a total need of about $7035.

I’m not sure how much we’re willing to need before we leav

*(I, in fact had  to update the total need because it just went down $30!!.)

We did not send Sveta’s dossier yesterday.  The shipping was simply too much money to arrive today.  It was over $75 one way!

Because it’s $465 to get her dossier apostilled, we are REALLY waiting on God.  I have asked my BFF if she wanted to road trip it to Harrisburg first thing Wednesday morning to be there when the SOS opens up.

I do not want to spend any of Mayah’s fundraising money to get Sveta’s dossier apostilled if we’re not doing it.

The time in country is something we are willing to handle.  The sacrifice of being away from our sons here at home will be worth it to rid the world of 2 orphans FOREVER!  I have no problem sending out an SOS to my friends, family etc to help me get another round trip ticket if I’m incredibly homesick.  THANKFULLY it’s the off-season and tickets are extremely cheap compared to peak season. 

So yes, as I type this…it’s simply money.  We can handle the time away.  The outcome is, afterall:  TWO LESS ORPHANS IN THIS WORLD!  The seed of adoption will have been planted deeply and firmly into the hearts of our sons and daughters.  We pray the process continues generation after generation….adoption….what a wonderful family tradition!

Please join us in providing the start of this family tradition:  please visit our chip in on the right hand side.  100% of the money donated will go directly to bringing the girls home. 

I’ve had the priveledge of watching other families raise such funds in the same amount of short time.  It’s amazing really.

If you have donated…THANK YOU!  Each time my phone beeps with an email from paypal notifying me of payment, my heart gets all excited!

Every single dollar helps!!  It’s getting knocked away dollar by dollar.

Please consider donating and don’t forget to check out the drawing items a few posts earlier. 

If you are willing to commit to supporting us financially WHILE we are in country we woud be incredibly appreciative!  That would remove some of the financial burden like passports for the girls $1200, visas and medicals $1100 total for both, and one way tickets home for them both $1000-$1200 combined.  Please consider it. 

We are also willing to commit to returning donated funds or in-country financial support with our tax return next year.  The IRS gives $13, 170 for each child in adoption expenses BACK in our tax return. 


Please keep praying for our family and pray our doubt is removed and God’s people step forward to carry out His will of ridding the world of orphans.

I simply cannot look at their sweet sweet faces and think something like MONEY will keep us from them.  Something like MONEY will leave them without ever knowing a family.

Yesterday, while talking to another adoptive parent, I learned what Mayah’s fate will be.  It’s simply heart-wrenching, disgusting, horrifying. 

A fate Dan said with all his being this morning was unacceptable.

If you have $1 we’ll gladly accept it.  Nothing is too small, it all adds up.


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  1. Tammy, did you get the money we sent a couple weeks ago to your FSP?

    Thank God that in our human weakness He is incredibly strong.

    • HI Joy! thanks for your donation, we never received any notification from andrea that there was a donation….but I’d have to add up what we got from our fsp to make sure. Though Andrea has done a good job at keeping up. THanks!!

  2. Praying for you all as you walk in His ways. Praying all of the donations are multiplied and the provision to bring these precious girls home is raised. Continue resting in Him, HE is faithful!

  3. Tammy, I am a new reader from Adeye’s website. Can you please email me one on one so I can ask you a question? It’s in regards to donating (a small amount). After reading the two last blogs my heart has been heavy for the two of you. I can hear your cries. I am standing in prayer with you for a God to move mountains for you both! Continue to stand and believe in what God has planned for this family. Do not give up on Hope! I know it is so easy to do so in the flesh as the enemy tries so hard to bring you down. Don’t allow him to win! Stand up straight and keep moving forward. God said, “He will never leave you nor forsake you!” He hasn’t left your family nor those girls! Blessing to you for a better day.

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