Spiritual Warfare (a word from Dad)

The process started simply enough. International adoption is something we had discussed whenever Tammy and I were first married. Then we started to have children of our own and the idea was pushed to the “back burner”.

We already had three sons of our own. Tammy always told me I was meant to have a daughter. Then the international adoption idea was resurrected to us. I was totally on board. I was ready for “tea parties”, and dancing, and playing dolls, and all the other stuff that I was under the impression dads are supposed to do with their little girls!  So, with that idea, I set off with Tammy on a mission to rescue our little girl from that awful orphanage.  I envisioned myself as a brave knight in shinning armor, charging the gates of the orphanage on my white steed with my sword and shield glinting in the sun to rescue my little princess from the dungeon. (hey, I have a vivid imagination!! What can I say…)

It wasnt too long before I realized how cunning and lethal the real enemy could be!! Doubt, fear, and worry to name a few were leveled against me by him and in a short time, I found myself face down on the battlefield! My shining armor was now dented with each blow of doubt. Rust spread across it like the fear of failing spread across my thoughts hourly. Worry left me tarnished and ugly. I was left feeling like we had made the wrong decision, and with that declaration, a mighty cheer went up from the opposing forces. I was defeated.

It was then that God showed up on the scene. Through my lovely wife, he gave me Isaiah 58:6 to read. (although the whole chapter is good too!!) Something changed. It now felt like God picked me up out of the mud, gave me shinier and thicker armor, a heavier, sharper sword, and a solid gold shield. My determination grew fierce, and I knew He wanted me to continue on to “loose the bonds of wickedness”, and to “let the oppressed go free”! I soon found myself waking out of a deep sleep near tears to pray for Mayah. He then proceeded to lay another little princess on our hearts, and I found myself finding a remote corner of my workplace to remove my hard hat, hit my knee and pray for Svetlana, near tears again!! I was becoming the spiritual warrior He knew I could be! But, more importantly, it was becoming more real! We were in a REAL war, and it was time I stopped pretending and started to fight! This time, I knew I couldn’t do it alone! What better cavalry to have than God Himself?!

As of this writing, we have less than a week, and a need for $15,000.00 to bring them both home. Can God make that happen? Yep, I have no doubt. This war has not been easy, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous, but I know we are on the right path, and that we have the Lord at our back! I’m not sure of our future. All I know is that the trumpets have started to sound, Tammy and I are charging into battle TOGETHER, God is at our back, and the enemy is starting to tremble!!!


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  1. Fantastic post. I don’t know why it just seems extra special to hear from the men. It seems women quickly get the nurturing part of adoption but I love it when men see themselves standing with God as defenders of the fatherless. It seems God is doing such a roots-deepening, faith-strengthening work in your hearts and lives. I think this goes way beyond even what he is doing in your adoptions. He is indeed making you into warriors.

  2. Wow, well put dad! You are these girls’ Knight in shining armor! I will continue to advocate for your family, for sweet Sveta, as long as necessary!

  3. I am sooo excited for you guys! You bet I am praying! It is always deeply moving to get a dads point of view and see his courage under fire!

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