T-25 hours

Until we leave!

Last night, thanks to so many incredible people, I was able to sleep for about 6 hours straight!!  (or almost)

We had so many people pulling for us in one day alone we were able to raise an incredible amount of money.

Thank you Jesus!

All in all, in order to fully fund Mayah’s adoption we are still in need of $3,009.  Not too shabby considering the starting price!!

We had so many people to thank.  I have tried to send out individual thank you’s to people…If I missed you, I’m terribly sorry.  THANK YOU!!

Each time my phone beeps, notifying us of an email, we get excited.  We’ve had donations from $1.75 to $500 and each one gets us equally excited. 

The spaghetti dinner planning is moving along (I think) and we’re so excited that at least 3 churches are coming together financially and prayerfully to see us through this journey. 

Naomie, we are incredibly greatful!

To date, Dan and I are sad to announce Sveta will not be coming home with us.  We have decided against getting her dossier apostilled.  The money and time away were simply too much. 

Mostly the money. 

While you can’t get back time, the additional time away from our family would have had long-term benefits for sure.

God isn’t done.

I still had that dream Sveta was getting a home a while back and Dan and I are fully committed! to helping that girl get a family.  They are out there, and the additional “press” she got certainly didn’t hurt. 

We were able to raise $1300 for “Spring Sveta” and $165 for “tacky for Sveta”.  Isn’t that amazing?!  We are intending to get a referral for a child with HIV in Mayah’s orphanage or region.  The money raised for Sveta was not in vain.  It helped to raise HIV awareness AND reminded us, another orphan, though not Sveta personally, will have a home. 

Isn’t that the ultimate goal in the end?

I can’t believe in 25 hours Dan and I will be on our way to the airport. 

So much to be done today!!

We are almost packed.  I still have  a few things to grab at the store, but it will get done.

We are excited to see how the rest of the money will be raised, our God can do ANYTHING.  And a measly $3,009 is nothing to him.

Dollar by dollar it is getting knocked out.

If you would like to donate, please see the chip-in on the right hand side “be a part of the miracle”. 

Thank you all so much!!


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  1. I am so glad to hear you are getting a blind referral for a child with HIV. Can’t wait to meet him/her. Glad to see that Sveta helped another child get a home!! She will find her family. In due time.

  2. It’s exciting to watch God at work. While I am sorry that Sveta won’t be coming home with you, I am glad that SOMEONE will. Have fun 🙂 🙂 🙂 packing but especially have a blessed, blessed trip. Enjoy the time together–that is a real plus of the journey. (I haven’t had that much time with my honey since our honeymoon), have a wonderful adventure in-country. (part of my heart is still there)

    Love you guys and am so, so happy for you.

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