On Our Way!

It’s happening.

This incredibl journey to our girls is beginning, ending and yet somewhere in between.

Leaving the kids was rather easy…they were sleeping so I got to kiss them all I wanted.  😉

It’s more than an honor to be their mama, it’s a gift from God.  In fact, God loves me (and YOU) so much, He’s giving us 2 more children!  (we hope)

We are fully funded to bring home two beautiful Ukranian princesses.  (okay…we’re about $170 short, and we’re confident the money will continue to come as we have a need)

Our God is so faithful.

I’d say I feel ashamed and sorry for all the faithless emotions I have had.  But I know I’m loved more than I can ever imagine from our Creator, the One who made me. 

I’ve grown.

I’ll never be complete.  I’m always a work in progress.

What an adventure!

While we have received donations from $1.75 to $3,000 please know each dollar was multiplied and each dollar was equally appreciated as much as the one that came before it.

Yesterday morning, with 10 minutes to go before we could cancel our flight (we had already made the decision we wouldn’t)  we received a donation for $3,000.  Covering the rest of our major needs.

Two nights prior, my best friend reminded me, “Our god is a last minute God.” 

In this case, He really was.

Amazing, isn’t He?

We were washed with a flood of emotions that the financial burden was lifted.  We could now fully move on with our day concentrating on being with our 3 lovies at home and packing last minute things. 

We got to enjoy the “POWER TEAM” visiting our church this week.  David was on the edge of his seat.  He had been playing power team all week long.  I had more fun watching him watch them than anything. 

I will write more again…Dan and I (especially I) have had a rush of so many thoughts and feelings this morning alone.  Our vision is coming to fruition, God’s will is being done.

The world will soon be rid of 2 more orphans.


“I will not leave you orphans, I will come to you.”


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  1. I was thinking and praying for you guys this morning. I am so excited for you. It has been so fun to be part of your journey so far and I hope you will be able to post often. Praise God for his provision.

  2. Praise the Lord! I’d call Him a perfect timing God… although it often seems that He thinks last minute is perfect! But we learn and grow in the waiting, and that’s for our own good. Excited to follow your journey! Blessings as you go!

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