From Germany

I’m so tired right now.  The rush is gone.  At least for this moment it’s gone. 

Does no one have free internet?

Dulles didn’t have it, but at least I had my cell phone to connect.  We are in Frankfurt…our gate is closed until 7am…at least it’s only 30 minutes from now.

We paid over $7 for two 1 liter drinks.  And my Coke stinks.  Not, stinky like this airport, the beverage is not up to par.  I should have went with my gut and got water.  Oh well. 

The food on the flight was wonderful!  We got a snack, a delicious hot dinner (Dan got pasta and I got chicken) and fresh fruit, cheese, and roll for breakfast!!  Magnificent!!

We had movies playing right in front of us.  Very enjoyable.  Our rear-ends; however, are happy to have the freedom to stand if we so choose. 

Let me just say, my first in flight video, I chose the Next Karate Kid.  IT WAS AWESOME!!!  Dan didn’t watch it, he watched some “manly movies”.  Ugh.

For the first part of the flight, I was extremely emotional.  Everything is sinking in.  We are going to be meeting Mayah in a matter of days!!  I simply cannot  believe it.

We’re ready to crash in our apartment in Kiev.  We are hoping our apartment will have internet access, I long to skype with our kids. 

I’m not sure how I’m going to make it for the duration of the trip.  They may drive me batty some days…but I always have the ability to reach out and be “snoozie” when my arms need them.  My heart needs them.

I know the reason we are here is bigger than me missing the boys after less than 24 hours.  That doesn’t make missing them any easier.

We are tired and ready to sleep…in beds…of any sort.  We are hoping someone is at the airport to pick us up and get things moving along swiftly.

Next post will be from Ukraine!!!


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  1. Missing the boys will get slightly easier in the next few days. You will get really busy and sitting on the plane with not much to keep that mama mind busy is hard. I am excited to see your journey unfold!

  2. Aw, (HUGS). It will get better. We stayed fairly busy during the day, but I would see things the boys would like and my heart would ache and come evening when I was back in my room, I would cry some nights, I missed them so much. I was able to skype with my older boys a few times (but don’t be hurt or surprised if they don’t miss you as much as you miss them, that is good for them). That helped a lot. I talked to my mom once a day to see how Kieran was doing, too. You’ll do okay. 🙂 I’ll be praying for you!

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