Day 2-We Rest

Day 2-We Rest!

We have done next to nothing today. Not too shabby. We have headed out once, walked around, found TGI FRidays and went to the store.

We spent roughly 22.33 grivna = $2.80 USD. We bought 2 rolls of toilet paper…but it doesn’t look like toilet paper…or fit on the roll…wonder what we bought? I’m going to test it in the water just to see…we also got pineapple juice, dan got Coke Light. We surived the store fine…though I’m sure the store owner/manager was following us around. lol The cashier remembered us from yesterday and was kind on the words to us. All in all, a success!

**side note** Yes, we purchased toilet paper. Dan had me go to google translator to translate “toilet” and “paper” to see if some words matched up. They do…we’re in the clear!

We are very excited that TOMORROW we will know if there will be a girl #2!! Because of the available grant money we raised with Carolyn Twietmeyer and Steffanie, and MAYBE (coming soon!) “MOther of the World” we are only pursuing a child with HIV….and Mayah of course!!!

Other than take our walk this morning, we did get to Skype with Nana and Gage. The older boys stayed with Aunt Erica last night. Gage was happy to see us and loves kissing the screen;) We watched a movie…well Dan did. Please note, if you’re coming here….your American DVD’s will not work in the DVD player in the apartment. Thankfully, we brought a portable DVD player and watch it in bed…well…Dan does…I fall asleep. When else in my life will I have the freedom to just sleep whenever *I* feel like it?!

We have also found possible help to come out and help me bring the girls home. My friend Teri is getting her passport on Monday morning. Though if it’s only 1, I’m sure I’ll be fine by myself…but we’ll see. I haven’t seen Teri in so long, this will be a wonderful trip to hang out together.

I somehow managed to forget the batteries so we need to find a store that sells them. I’m taking a battery with me to help move things along. haha

All the pics I took with my phone will not be uploaded until we get home or Teri brings my cable…I didn’t even think about bringing the little USB cable for my phone and the memory card is too small for the reader. BOO. Oh well…there was nothing major on there anyway.


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  1. It was funny that some of our DVD’s worked and some did not–I have no clue what made the difference. I am loving the updates. Can’t wait to hear about the SDA.

  2. DVD’s wont work in Ukraine because there is a region code assigned to every dvd. Eastern Europe is a different code than we have here in the states. But you can buy russian/ukrainian dvds and change the code on your computer and they can be watched that way (when you get home, it might be nice for your girl to hear her language) We used them when we were hosting and it was a great “mental break” for our girl, when English became overwhelming and tiring. (I can only imagine!)
    Curious what region you are going to… if you feel comfortable leaving it in a comment on my blog, I wont publish it… I know of a group of great girls (all with HIV) in our girl’s region…

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