Day 3 -We Seek Adventure!

Day 3-We Seek Adventure!  (a little David shout out there!  He climbs the tree and tells me, “Mommy I’m going to seek adventure!”  I love that kid.)

First off…I had breakfast with my “flat children” 

Last night was a little difficult for us as we took a nap. OOPS!  It wasn’t until after 2:30am we fell asleep.  I got up at 7:30 and woke Dan up at 8:45.  We had breakfast and met Nico outside to pick us up and take us to the SDA.  Traffic was terrible…moreso than normal.  Apparently the PM of Canada was visiting today.  While we waited, we were there early, Nico bought us all coffee…awesome coffee!  We met Serge and later headed in to our appt.  An excellent note for anyone who hasn’t went to the SDA yet…wear tennis shoes!  Really.  It’s cobble stone and hard to walk on with heels.  Serge wore jeans and shirt…I should have also…at least the tennis shoes anyway. 

Here is the sign for the SDA.

And a peek of the church right next to the SDA, they are having to renovate because the hill under the church is sliding. 

We went around back and went in a small doorway and waited in the hallway.  After standing there for maybe 15 mins or so Serge led us upstairs.  We met in a small office and we saw Mayah’s file sitting nearby.  First, we had to answer a few questions about us and why we wanted to adopt a sn child.  We got to learn a few things about Mayah we didn’t know.  Her hearing seems rather bad, she has speech issues…which would be obvious because of the hearing and she has scoliosis.  No biggie.  More imporantly, we got to see her baby picture!!  We didn’t get it, but at least we saw it.  She was so cute and tiny all swaddled up and she was even looking at the camera.  The next picture we saw was the same one on the sirotsvy website…only it was a full body shot.  She looks sooo tiny and she has big feet!  We love it!  We learned her mother abandoned her at birth with a letter stating such.  While it’s heart wrenching to conceive…we are sure it’s because she was always meant for our family.

We also made the decision not to add another child along with Mayah.  It was the only thing that brought us peace.  We got to look at some other files, and Dan and I were both waiting for promptings from the Holy Spirit to speak to us as to which one.  While we weren’t given too much time…we feel we had enough to make the decision.  Mayah will be enough for now.  She is where our concentration needs to be.  I couldn’t understand why God wouldn’t want us to bring home 2 when we’re approved for 2…but He knows best.  That doesn’t mean we can’t ever come back.  *wink*  lol

Afterwards, we left and Nico took us back to our apartment.  We got to see a little of the city and decided we’d venture out!  We walked practically back up to the SDA.  It started to look like rain, so when we got to the top of the big hill near this place

We decided to turn around. 

Along the way, we maneuvered through an underground mall, which isn’t far from our apartment.  We walked through it, but there was nothing there we needed.  We continued on and walked through the streets, people and rushing cars.  Pedestrians certainly do NOT have the right of way here.  Run across the road when given the chance.  Run.

We got to see 2 McDonalds’ and Dan says, “oh there’s something you don’t see everyday.”  And I said, “actually we’ve seen quite a few McD’s since we left our apartment today alone.”  “Oh.”  He said.  He makes me laugh.  My life would be so dull without the one God made just for me.  I love him so much. 

Also on the way home, we stopped for pizza.

Delicious pizza.

Pizza we can’t stop thinking about.

Total, including 2 drinks, 2 toppings for a “middle” pizza was $97 grivna.  Dan had $100 so he gave the girl the remaining 3, then he realized that may have been more insulting than good….oops!  Good thing we’re going back tomorrow, he can make up for it!  Total in USD was $12.57.  MUCH better than our overpriced meals at Friday’s the day before.  We may also try the local cuisine as well tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to it. 

We are doubting there will be much to choose from when we get to Mayah’s region…so we’re enjoying eating out while we can.  We’ve also consumed all of the ham and cheese Nico picked out for us, and we have Nestle coco puffs, juice, yogurt and fruit to get us through tomorrow…and taking the excess along with us since it’s not all that far.  Then I’m sure we’ll be eating all our food we brought with us (won’t take long, I didn’t bring much) and everything we are able to buy from a local market when we get there Wednesday.  WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!

**also, I used an ATM for the first time today!**  we are needing my SIL to wire us our paypal funds but in the interim, I was able to get some grivna out.  It didn’t let me choose USD at first even though the option is there…nico said they never have USD in there, he tries but never happens.  lol  I was able to withdraw some grivna though!!

Thanks to God and to all his people who helped us get to this place in our lives.  Your obedience to him is appreciated in everything we do while we we’re here.


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  1. I am LOVING the pictures. I love that city and it makes me feel nostalgic looking at them. I am so tickled you are there. Glad you got your referral and I can understand about not taking another. GOD knows.

  2. We, too, were approved for 2 kids and really had it in our hearts to bring home two girls. But we only came home with one. Now, looking back, I am SO thankful that God has given us this time to attach and strengthen our family bond with Isabel. And yes, we’re headed back next summer, as a second girl is still on our hearts!

  3. love reading all these updates! i have never been more sure that a couple would actually follow God’s leading than you guys. our God is so great, so strong and so mighty there’s nothing our God cannot do! 🙂 please be sure to print a photo of my girls to show mayah her friends. 🙂

  4. Soooo glad you went with the PEACE in your heart, my friend. I know the Lord would have told you if you were meant to bring two home. You absolutely have to go with the peace. Cannot wait to see pics of that beautiful princess in your arms 🙂

    God is sooooooooo good!

    You’re so close 🙂

  5. Thanks everyone for the kind words!
    @joy-I bet you’ll love bulgaria when you get there!!
    @the maceacherns-thanks so much, we’re definitely looking forward to see what God has in mind for us…we keep saying we’re done…but we know we’ll listen to what HE has to say;)
    @jen-thanks! That’s wonderfully encouraging! It sure helps knowing people like you are praying for us. Thank you!!! I have the girls’ pic to show mayah this week;)
    @adeye-we can’t wait either! And yes, going with God’s peace…there really is no better way!

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