Day 4 1/2 part 2-Last Night in Kiev

Dan and I had a marvelous day together!  We were barely here at the apartment.  Long enough to re-group and sype with the kids and get some things settled. 

David still isn’t missing us too much, he barely has time to skype with us…but we did manage to get his whole face on the screen and I about melted.  Oh how  I miss them.  It’s all worth it though, we know that…but it doesn’t take it away at all.  …well…skype helps a bunch!

It’s raining here now, perfect to head to bed shortly.

Dan and I had the local cuisine for lunch.  It was only $12 for us both to get a sizable about of food and drinks, he loved everything he got…me…not so much.  We choose different things. 

so we stopped at our favorite pizza place on the way back just for me

yesterday we ate upstairs, today we waited downstairs and took it back to the apartment…or should I say them.  While trying to order 1 small pizza with 2 toppings they mistakenly thought I was ordering 2 pizzas with everything (that’s how they come).  We didn’t mind, we had dinner then too!

Nico called us at 3:30 and told us Julia was coming to pick us up at the corner at 4.  Julia doesn’t speak much english, but she does speak spanish…so I had to dust that off the shelf in my brain and it helped quite a bit.  Her husband will be the one assisting us tomorrow and for the next few days, but he’ll be meeting us in Mayah’s region. 

The SDA pickup was simple.  Serge went in and got our paperwork, we went outside to talk some things over…then he left and we followed Julia back in to the hallway and waited in line.  We had  to show our passports, sign a paper and off we went!  The lady at the SDA laughed because I wasn’t smiling in my passport photo (no, you can’t see it!) and I was all smiles while in her office. 

This is the gate you go in to get to the little hallway at the SDA

(only this is from the inside looking out)

We left the SDA and Julia had to do some things so Dan and I stopped to have some coffee.

Dan got to stop at the Ferrari store…that made him happy;)

What I love most about this city is the “underground”.  There’s a metro arena!  A mall..A HUGE MALL!  Nico told us about it and we went to check it out.  We got Mayah’s dog there

Cute huh?  I think she’ll love to be snuggling with him when we’re not around;)

There are just stairways going down like this:

Until you get your bearings, you never know where in the city you’ll pop up!  We felt like gophers.  Foreign city mall gophers.  But we got the hang of it rather quickly.  It actually goes a few floors deep as well. 

And now for a tour of our apartment:

Dan has to unlock the first door:

Then we just open the second and head right in!

into the hallway.  The bathroom is the first door on the left, the kitchen is straight ahead and the living room is off to the right and the balcony is off the LR and the BR is off the LR;)

the bathroom has a little washer on the left.

then the kitchen:

the living room:

the bed part of the bedroom:

and where I spent most of my time…the desk part of the bedroom using the cable modem;)

we also have a great balcony;) 

This is the view at night from the ground in front of our apartment.  They have these trees all lit up.

We have really enjoyed our stay here…taking in the sights, trying new foods and shopping in a new culture.  We’re ready to experience where Mayah is now. 

This is…the last night our beautiful daughter goes to bed not knowing a Mama and a Daddy.

Isn’t our God wonderful?


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  1. “Foreign city mall gophers” hahahahaha!!! =) No, really, I LOL’ed. (or should that be L’ed-OL?) Love seeing where you are and the things you’re experiencing! I can’t really believe you’re there!!

  2. You know I love it all!! I love your gopher analogy. I got so turned around underground it was pathetic.
    I hope you’re asleep now.

  3. I KNEW IT … I KNEW IT… I WIN THE PRIZE!! You are in our old apartment. And your favorite restaurant is Papa John’s!! Yes – I am SO GOOD! I love this game… Of course I am the only one playing it but I’m bit crazy that way!

    I’m having fun journeying with you guys from teh safety of my home!!

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