Day 4 1/2-Last Day in Kiev!

Dan slept in, and as usual, I was up rather early.  I got some banking issues taken care of and tried going back to bed.  My attemps were futile at best.  Oh well.  Plenty of time to sleep, really.

I did my first load of laundry in Europe.  WOW.  Much different.  I’m on my second and last load before we travel.  It’s looking like we’ll be traveling to Mayah’s region with damp clothing.  Good thing it’s not too far and I brough febreeze travel with me.  WHEW!

We ventured out this morning with intentions on buying Mayah some DVD’s in Ukrainian.  That way she has a little “taste of home” .  Dan and I found the boys’ favorite movies here.  I’m checking to see if we can play them on our DVD players then we will go back and purchase them.  What a neat experience for the boys as well.  To see their favorite movies in a completely different language.

Their sister’s language.

aaaand, the answer is no.  Though I heard if you put them in your computer you can play them that way, but we don’t have DVD drives on our laptop.  We bought a portable dvd player instead.  That way the kids can watch movies on long road trips. 

Hmm..I suppose we’ll have to think of something.  I’d really hate to buy a region 5 dvd player for a few movies.  Maybe we’ll price them.  (?)

Our walk this morning was wonderful!  This is what road-side sidewalks are like:

It’s 2 way traffic in these things.  You’d best be walking quickly and be prepared to rub up against the side as other fast moving pedestrians march onward to their destination in the other direction.  It’s quick, I tell ya!

This is what the city in our area looks like:

our apartment is up the street on the right hand side (you can’ t see the building)

It’s actually the view from Friday’s…which is here:

And after yesterday’s most delicious pizza at this place across the street,

don’t waste your time or money at Fridays.

Some more city views from our location, get a load of the traffic.  Always congested, always moving, always someone honking their horn.  You must have to be born into it to want to drive a car around here.  Nico says it’s not so bad.  haha

Maybe the pictures don’t do the traffic justice.  You’ll have to take my word for it;)

Off to lunch!!  (here)

I’m hoping in between being here after lunch and before going back to the SDA we will get to skyp with our kids;)  what icing that would be to our day.

**oops!  I forgot to add our spending**

Yesterday’s trip to and back from the SDA was $50 grivna= $6.29 USD  and today I bought myself a hair tie, mayah a cute pink headband and myself a headband to keep my hair back….total$53 grivna (estimated, Dan doesn’t have the receipt for that one) = $6.67 USD.


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  1. You know I love pictures–especially of places that are familiar. So have you made it around the corner from TGI Fridays (which, BTW I wasn’t impressed with either) down Kreschatik (sp?) to Independence Square–I don’t think I’ve seen those pictures on here yet but I’m sure you have. And have you tried the Metro? Gotta do it at least once. At least go INTO the Metro building there on Kreschatik and look DOWN all the stairs (my daughter walked UP those stairs and she will never forget it)

    I wish I were there with you–but please don’t make me do another dossier to get there!!!!!

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