Day 1 in region at the orphanage


Day 1 in region

I’m sorry for the late post.  When I heard people say, “adoption isn’t for the faint of heart” I never thought that meant me well it does.  And chances are, it’s you too.   It’s reality.  And I’ll get to that later.  Let’s recap yesterday’s events.

We got up at 5, it was cold and rainy.  Thankfully we were mostly packed and headed out the door.  We waited for Julie on the corner.  Poor Julie.  She doesn’t have great english at all, so we stopped at her friend’s house on the way out of kiev (I think, after a while we were lost….Dan and I , not Julie!)  We waited for a while in the parking lot and then Valentin joined us and we were off!  We stopped along the way for coffee and then we were back en route to our destination.  I slept most of the way, I just couldn’t keep my eyes open for love or money.  We finally arrived in Mayah’s region, passed her orphanage entranceway and we had to head into the center of the city to pick up the social worker.  Dan and I waited in the car

The social worker hops in the back of Julie’s car, Dan is in the center of the backseat.  Funny, yes;)  Poor guy, thankfully it was only a short ride. 

We get to the orphanage and drove all around zigging here and zagging there.  I was lost.  I had no idea how on earth we were going to make it on our own.  We get in and Julie had to go pick up the orphanage doctor, Valentin walked us through a bit of the process.  His english was fantastic!!  Valentin had been to this orphanage last year with a family adopting 3 children.  We were happy to have a friendly face with us.  The orphanage director came in as well as the vice-orphanage director.  We sat in a room with 6 other adults and the doctor filled us in on Mayah’s condition.  We were ready.  I don’t know how long it took , but the vice-director finally made a call and we heard she was on her way.  We were so excited!  They told me to get her stuffed dog out and ready. 

She entered.  Mama cries.  I don’t even know what Dan did.  We just smiled and watched her.  They told her she could have the dog.  She was happy and sat down at the table.  We left our seats along the wall and sat with her and we got out the coloring books.

I have no idea how long our visit was but our faces hurt from smiling so much.  I tried to contain myself from incessant tears.  Nothing says, “I love you and want to be your Mama” like a crying stranger.  Really.

When the visit was over we got to walk with her to her groupa building.  The orphanage is a bunch of buildings all bunched together.  The older kids seem to have the ability to come and go and play outside as they so choose.  Which is great.  The people here are wonderful.  They seem to care for the children.  Mayah walked closely with her care-taker.  She took her dog, coloring book and crayons with her.  I’m glad to report each time we visit she grabs her things and brings them with us;)

After we dropped her off, we learned the orphanage doctor cleared us to have a room to visit with her in the hospital…which is right across the “road” or walkway of her groupa house.  Awesome.

It took a while to leave after the first visit, they got our official “YES” of accepting her referral.  We waited more in the hallway.  The vice orphanage director told us, “God bless you” and she feels Mayah is better WITH US!!  I, of course, being the emotionless woman that I am….well…I cried AGAIN.  Go figure. 

I’ll just post pictures from our second visit, since I’m a day behind on blogging.

Later today/tonight I’ll post from our second day’s adventures!!  Our hotel does have wi-fi…but not in the rooms…so I have to head down to the restaurant to post online.

If anyone ever doubts if God answers prayer…the fact we are here, happy, and our future daughter runs out of her room yelling, “my mama, my mama!” should say HE DOES.  He has prepared her heart for us as we have been praying.  Our sons cannot WAIT for their sister to be HOME.  Neither can we.  Neither can we.


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  1. She has absolutely gorgeous eyes (although I probably don’t have to tell you that, huh?) I am so happy for you guys! It’s such a blessing that you and Mayah found each other!

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