Day 2 In Region

Day 2 in Region—

We didn’t eat breakfast because nothing is in English…we didn’t see our translator’s car, and prepared to walk to the orphanage, which isn’t far.  Dan called Sasha, and he said he was parked out back and would meet us shortly. 

We went for our visit, and Mayah comes running out of the room ready for another fun visit!!  She got bundled up, grabbed her dog, coloring book and crayons and we were off.  Yesterday, she had her headbands on when we came back for visit 2, today they were off.  Her hair was french braided!  I’m really in for it.  I can’t do that.  With 3 boys when was I ever to pick up that trade?  HELP!  Haha

We get to her room and begin playing.  We didn’t take anything new for her this morning.  She noticed.  We don’t want to spoil her.  We are in a great room for playing.  There are hula hoops, balls, weights and a huge mirror.  She LOVES to look at herself while she does things. 

She bounces back from one thing to another like popcorn.  Too cute.  The stickers we brought for her yesterday, she would put one on and insist I take a picture.  Then another…and another pic…then another sticker…and another pic.  Every new activity requires pictures….BUT if Mama takes a picture of something when she’s not paying attention…all playing ceases and she has to come see it. 

Tonight, we need to learn how to say brother in Ukrainian.  So when we show her the pics of the  boys again…we can say they’re her brothers.  I can’t wait to see how she will react.

This girl is going to LOVE gymnastics with her brother!  She does a great handstand and loves somersaults…Mama..not so much.  We told Alexander Mayah would come to gymnastics with him and he was so excited.  They simply cannot wait for her to be home.

Neither can we. 

Sasha filed our paperwork this morning with the local court.  He says he’ll call us on Tuesday after he finds out what Judge we have and when we’ll have court.  Please, friends,  pray we get court ASAP!  Dan and I are totally believing in God to let all 3 of us come home together  oh yes, I said together.  It can happen. 

Tonight’s  visit was  too short…not only did it make us sad…Mayah was sad and confused.  Our hearts were breaking.  Dan thinks the one care-taker told us to bring her back at 5.  It was 4:30.  Yikes!  We hurried up and got her in the room.  We got boots (size 12) and coat (size 8a?) off and she went to her table.  There was someone in there at first, but she packed up her papers and left…it wasn’t long before Mayah was already taking over her space.  She knows what she wants.  Excellent quality for my girl!!  In hind sight, Dan thinks maybe the woman told him we needed to come at 5….we don’t know.  I suppose after a few days of 4:30…maybe we’ll all begin to understand what is the proper schedule.  We felt bad for leaving her so soon…(though we did give her some juice in the room….she LOVED it!)  I blew her a kiss, and she returned it to us…we knew she’d be okay until tomorrow morning when we return.  There is one little girl who loves when we come…she calls me Mama and I got to give her tons of hugs before we said our “pakas” and out the door we went.  Sasha went into the city for some final paperwork and then he was headed back to Kiev.  He took us to the store and to exchange some money…we get  to pay our hotel daily so that’s also a super score.   We don’ t have a microwave or anything in here but a fridge, so our food choices are limited.  Ugh…I hope tomorrow blogging will be easier…doing 2 days at once was a bit difficult….I’d like to keep up the pace daily and better share our experience here.  Here is a pic of our view  from our room…don’t be jealous.

This is what we see on the walk from the orphanage to the hotel.  The walk isn’t bad, and the weather is cold…but enjoyable.  Refreshing.  I like the cold. 

Today I’m incredibly thankful for everyone who prayed when I asked.  Prayers are incredibly powerful, and we serve one amazing God.  We cannot wait to hang out with our little beauty tomorrow.  Enjoy the pics!!


I promise tomorrow’s post will be better;)

Good night to you all!!


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  1. Stop with the crying… Making me cry over here!!! LOL!! OH MY GOODNESS… I love being a part of this world! I love these posts… the crying Mom’s who can’t get their acts together in front of their new sons and daughters! I just simply love all the tears!! It takes so long – so many mountains – so many frustrations – but it is so worth it to see the one whom GOD picked out for you from the beginning of time – to see them for the first time. Amazing.

    She’s beautiful!

  2. Tammy!! I just had a chance to catch up on your posts!! YAY!!!! I’m so happy for you, and your girl!! She looks like she is VERY happy to finally be with her Mama & Papa!! 🙂

  3. Tammy, these are great posts! I got a kick out of the part about her putting a sticker on, getting a picture taken, another sticker, another picture. Too cute.

    The view out your window is breath-taking. LOL

    I am so happy for you guys.

  4. Oh my friend…I have tears flowing like the Nile River. Wow! She is just absolutely PRECIOUS. What a beauty 🙂 I am so in love with your precioius treasure 🙂 How amazing is our God in heaven????

    Can’t wait for your next post.

    Praying for a speedy return home.

    Love and hugs and much rejoicing from here in VA.

    • Thank you all! I THINK I made it through today’s first visit without tears;) I’m gonig to be uploading a new update with pics now!!! This is amazing, GOD is even more amazing than I ever realized (and he’s even moreso!) He continues to bless us with showing us just how perfect our little princess is. Praying for quick processes as well!!! Thank you for joining us in prayer about that!!!

  5. Im so blessed to hear how she has been prepared by our Lord for you. I am so blessed that she has had the experience of good caretakers. It encourages me as I watch your miracle unfold..all too soon it will be us and our miracle…enjoy and peace over you, your hubby and your children at home.

  6. Glad to see things are going well. Mayah is absoluetly beautiful. Congratuations… by the way not hard to learn to french braid just takes practice with long hair, which she has.. Im in the opposite boat as you all girls.. prayerful for a boy.
    God Bless, Annette

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