Day 3 Visit 1 in Region

Day 3 in Region Visit 1

Today we walked in the cold to Mayah’s orphanage.  I took some pictures of the neighboring village.  These houses are on the road directly to her orphanage gates. 

 I’m glad I brought a sweatshirt to go under my jacket…I forgot to grab the insert for my coat at home.  Makes a HUGE difference.  All the puddles on our walk were frozen over this morning, it gets really cold here at night.

This is the gate of Mayah’s orphanage. 

Inside there are little playgrounds in front of a few groupa houses. 

This is Mayah’s groupa house. 

and across the way is the hospital where we play together;)

We walk in the door and there is one little girl who always announces our arrival, “mama, mama!” she yells.  Today, this really cute little blondie started blowing me kisses, if we had the money…I’d think about adding her too….but I think what we have in store for our family in the near future is enough for now.  Though we are really praying that our being here, opens the way for other American families to find their forever children.  All the children in Mayah’s groupa are adorable!!  Some come up to me for hugs, and I LOVE that I can provide. 

Mayah runs to her little locker

And her care-taker helps her get all bundled up.  Today, Papa was able to grab her stuff for her while she was getting on her layers!

I was able to see her sweatshirt size LARGE.  I wasn’t able to see her jeans size today, the tag was off.  But the careworker was able to explain that because she is so skinny they use the adjustable waistbands on the jeans anyway.  She really looks to be the size of the average 7 year old.  She comes up to my chest. 

Today, we made a necklace out of beads. 

She was content for a rather long time to make a pattern with us and get all the beads on her necklace.  She picks up the necklace to show us and half the beads fell off!  She, in all her beautiful patience, slowly rebuilds her necklace. 

Showing off her finished product! 

At some point, she found my brush.  She asked me to brush her hair.  I obliged happily;)

When I was finished, she wanted to brush Mama’s hair.  Dan said she looked so happy to be doing it.  When she had my ponytail ready, she even reached over to be for the tie…too cute! 

Papa was happy to take pictures of his girls;) 

Papa was also very happy to get a picture with his little princess

She enjoyed snack and even signed a few words with me!!  Cat, cookie and beautiful. 

I think when we get home the first thing we are going to do is see what we can do about her hearing.  When Sasha comes back, we’d still like him to come into one of our visits and see if she is actually using words or mumbling much of the time.  Most imporatly….she says, “Mama y Papa”  good enough!

One of the little kids repeated, “wow” to Dan when we were in the groupa house this morning…Mayah was able to repeat, “meow” when we were talking about a cat in her coloring book. 

We were able to communicate that we are allowed to come back at 4 and visit until 6 tonight.  The time changes tonight so we’re going to pay attention to when it gets dark.

I will also add, we no longer see the Treacher Collins, we see Mayah.  And she is beautiful!  We are so thankful God chose us to be her Mama and Papa.  We really cannot wait to get back to the states and introduce her to her little brothers. 

Thank you so much for your support and prayers.  We are incredibly excited to become a family of 6 as soon as possible!!! 


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  1. Thanks for all of the pictures! Keep em’ coming!!! She hears through vibrations, so it helps if you are able to put your mouth against her head when you are talking to her.

  2. I just wanted to say that I have read the last few days and I wanted to say that you are a beautiful family. I am so happy we have become friends through this adoption process… I am praying for you to process through court quickly and get your little princess home!



  3. And how absolutely BEAUTIFUL she is. She has the sweetest smile ever, friend. Oh how my heart rejoices to see the sweet pics and how she is soaking up the loves, the cuddles, the attention.


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