What’s Going On?

Sorry for the lack of postings via the blog.  Truthfully, there just isn’t much to report.  We wake up, get ready, have breakfast, (peanut butter and jam), pay for our room for another night and walk down the road to see Mayah.

We visit with Mayah for about an hour and a half in the mornings.  We were allowed to visit for longer, but truthfully, we all start getting bored.  There’s really only so much we can do in the same room with the same toys.  She is well taken care of where she is at, and her friends in her groupa get all excited when she comes back.  She doesn’t seem to mind going back either.  We want to keep it fun and not force anything so it makes sense. 

Friday, while looking at her coloring book, Mayah stopped at a princess, pointed to her lips and motioned for lipstick.  We decided to bring the make up kit with us yesterday.  She had a BLAST!  After each activity we did together, she would stop…put more lipgloss on in the mirror…and then resume.  She cracked us up. 

I miss the boys like something crazy.  I can’t even believe it’s ONLY been one week and we have much more to go.  *sigh*  I skyped yesterday…and Gage and Alexander both popped their heads in.  David…once I managed to get him in from the other room, wouldn’t lift his head.  Then we lost video connection and he left the room again.  I came back up to the room when the call was over and cried.  I long to “be snoozie” with David and cuddle with him, he is such a cuddler!  I close my eyes and just dream I get to hold each one.  I miss them so much.  I know they are safe in the hands of Our Father…HE is watching over them.  HE is making sure they are getting all the love and attention by using Nana, Mimi, Pap and Kelli.  It just doesn’t replace Mommy, but it’s a great substitute. 

Sasha will be coming back on Tuesday (we think).  Apparently, he calls our region, finds out if our case has been assigned to a judge and then he speaks with the judge.  He said as soon as he heard anything he would call.  I’m glad time seems to move quickly here.  Even with little to do.

We managed to find some English speaking channels last night.  One was GOD TV and Joel Osteen was on….we switched to BBC news.  I’m hoping someone we like is on GOD TV, that would be rather awesome!!

Mayah is a very good little girl.  Even with the hearing and language barriers she understands when Mama is telling her what to do.  When she wants to do something I’ve said NO to, sometimes she’ll put her hands on her hips and do the head to the side thing….sometimes it’s cute…but one day I just looked at her and said, “I’m the mama of 3 boys, no amount of hip stances, or cute little pouts (Gage/David) will get me to change my mind.”

We are ready.  Ready to get home and find out what new normal is.  I try to tell the boys a little about Mayah but hope that Nana, Pap, and Mimi show them pics of her on facebook.  I prefer hearing what THEY are up to in our absense.  Have I mentioned I miss them?

I’m sorry this post is a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  I’ll write more again later.  We had Daylight Savings Time end this morning at 4 so normally we are just waking up and getting ready…but Dan is still sleeping and enjoying the extra hour I suppose.  I need to find more things to amuse myself in the dark.  I’m glad I brought my DS, it has soduku;)

We encourage you all to continue praying for us, and the people along our journey.  We are praying for a court date THIS WEEK!  And we hope you are too;)  Thank you all so much!!


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  1. I just love seeing the pictures! I called Ann a couple of times to check on the kids! They seem to be doing well. I am going to try to go and see them this week. I figured that I would go to their house and keep them for a few hours so Ann could have some time to do anything that she would like. I will keep all of you in my prayers and pray for your court date! Love you all! Erica

  2. I hear ya on the visits. With Steven an hour was about the limit of my endurance. There was so very little to do for one thing. Also he was so NAUGHTY there and I didn’t feel like I could really make him mind while in the orphanage. With Caleb we were in a very tiny room most of the time.
    I do hope you can get court this week. That would be great.

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