The Revolution

**I will add that we have added a new chip-in to the right hand side to support us financially in-country.  Please pray and allow God to lead you to what He knows is right;)

Do people realize they need to be the revolution they are praying for?  We do not have much by means of English speaking channels here.  Happily, we are able to watch GODTV.  However, there really hasn’t been much on there encouraging people to BE the REVOLUTION.  We have heard young people praying in Times Square (or yelling, or screaming) a prayer to be revolutionized by God.  They pray for reformation of the college campuses they attend.  We watch people of all kinds either yelling for a revolution.  We’ve asked, “Do they think God hears them more because they’re yelling?”  “Do they know God knows their hearts and yelling isn’t necessary.”  They aren’t yelling because they are full of a passion given by the Holy Spirit indwelling them.  They are yelling for the sake of yelling.  So this brings me to my question:  When people all around the world are on GODTV, yelling for…ahem, praying for a revolution in God’s people, do they realize it’s THEM God is calling?  That is they leave their church full of the passion they claim to have in their yelps to the Lord, that other people…unsaved people even…will want what they have?  That’s my goal.  I have yet to know someone who has wanted to turn to Jesus because of the way I act.  I don’t find that depressing.  People have been encouraged to have more faith, to want to develop their own relationship with Jesus Christ because of what I’ve done or not done.  THAT’S AWESOME! 

There hasn’t been one person or particular event that brought me to Jesus exactly.  God has always placed people in my life whom I’ve wanted to mirror relationship-wise.  Even when I was as far off the path God wanted me to be on, I still knew somewhere inside me I was after something.  After someone.  After God’s heart.  I wanted it,  I longed for it, I even day dreamed how to get it, and sometimes I wondered why God didn’t want me to have the heart I dreamt of.  Afterall, these people, people who knew scriptures, they were either born with it or born of parents who were born with IT.  I was neither of the two.  Thankfully, one of my greatest…or worst strengths is that I’m hard-headed.  I continued searching, even when I was going backwards, I was going somewhere.  And God always knows where we are. 

Dan and I tried quite a few churches and 2 “religions”.  It wasn’t until one night, I actually prayed for my husband, WITH  my husband I think God kindly spoke to his heart and said it was okay to not be religious.    GASP!  The following Sunday, we went to our current church. 

We didn’t even realize it, but got saved our first Sunday at church.  We answered the altar call and knew something wasn’t right in our lives. 

Things didn’t change immediately.  We only knew we were on the right track.  God placed people in our lives who were encouraging.   Slowly, things about us started changing.  Things about us are STILL changing.  We’re certainly not where God wants us to be, but we’re not where we used to be. 

We are realizing with every day, every journey that WE need to BE the revolution so many people are waiting on.  I ask God (when I remember…I’m not perfect and don’t remember daily) to put me where HE wants me.  To use me how HE desires. 

 For me, it all comes down to who I want to be on Monday morning.   

So while you’re waiting for God’s people to stand up and revolt…start BEING the REVOLUTION yourself.  Maybe it will be contagious.


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  1. I agree its very difficult to keep a child you’ve never met interested/occupied for the visit. We took Highlights HIdden Pictures with us when we adopted our deaf son in September. That’s how we filled up a good portion of our 2 hour orphanage visits.

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