Finally, an update

Sorry for the delay in any updates for those that do not follow us on facebook.

We have had quite a ride this week.  However, I’ll be saving a post about the events for when we’re home with Mayah, I hope you understand.

Once we knew what was going on, things finally began to settle down.  Visits with Mayah are more relaxed.  We have to visit in the same room every single visit.  We’ve never been able to play outside so it’s rather redunant.

In the mornings she is incredibly excited to see us.  We get her dressed and ready to trek across the way to the hospital into our play room. 

She gets all her layers off and sits at her table with her stuff we have given to her:  the dog, coloring book, crayons in their pink box, and the look-and-find book with the Little Mermaid characters.  I think we have finally found every character on every page. 

When we met the orphanage doctor on the first day she informed us of Mayah’s overall health and educational status.  At the SDA appt we were told Mayah had scoliosis but the doctor made no mention of it.  Naturally we will have her examined by our ped when we get home.  I will be setting up appointments while we’re home for the 10 day wait.

The doctor also said Mayah’s hearing loss is at the 2nd or 3rd degree.  4th is completely deaf.  During our visits we are able to teach her a few words.  She signs, “please” and even makes a great effort to say it in english when she wants us to do something or when she needs something.  She is doing a great job.  When she brushes her hair or she has a new style, or we make a necklace we sign, “beautiful” and she repeats. 

During yesterday’s morning visit, we all sat on the floor in the room and sang the alphabet a few times and I began to have her sign the letters as well.  We’re definitely planning on purchasing the entire Signing Time DVD set as well.  We think it will be good for her in both her learning of english as well as ASL.  And the boys love it too, so that will be a nice time for all of us together.

The doctor also informed us “she is not the best student”.  We were not concerned.  In our times together, working with her, she is  a quick learner.  She simply cannot hear what people are saying to her so of course, it will seem as though she isn’t the best student.  She does great for us.  I’m positive the boys will be eager to help her with ASL and show her the ropes once she is home.

I’m happy to get the chance to love on the other kiddos when we pick her up in the mornings and evenings.  Some of them want hugs, kind touches or kisses blown to them.  We happily give them what they want.  Mayah is learning that it’s okay for Mama to hug another cutie in the orphanage as well, she is no longer shoving them out of the way to push herself in there.  I was able to show her to wait and I will also hug her.  She IS a quick learner.

We will have court on November 18th and leave for the US on the 19th.  Originally we were hoping to get a quick court date and stay through the wait and bring her home…it didn’t work out the way we had planned…but God in His infinite wisdom has laid out His plan before us and we will follow.  I’m happy to be going home to be with our 3 other lovies during Thanksgiving.  Dan will be returning to work the Tuesday after we get back and then he’ll have Thursday -Sunday off for Thanksgiving.  How awesome. 

The kids at home miss us terribly, and even oh so much more us missing them.

Alexander doesn’t come to skype with us anymore, and makes himself perfectly clear that he only tells Daddy that he loves him, and colors pictures for him.  Not Mommy.  I understand he is grieving us not being there, and I’m looking forward to holding them all 3 so close during my stay at home.

David sometimes pops in.  He is enjoying Pappy  spoiling him taking him to McDonald’s when Pappy has to go somewhere.  He crawls into bed with Nana in the mornings.  How I long to be the one being “snoozy” with him.  Soon enough.  I’m just happy he is so loved.

Gage.  Oh that sweet little baby.  He LOVES to Skype with Mommy!!  He heard my voice on the computer this morning and I heard his sweet footsteps pounding on the kitchen floor to get up to the computer, yelling, “Mommy, Mommy!” the entire way.  When Nana had something else to do, he stayed at the computer and talked to us all on his own.  Such a little sweetie.

Tonight 2 other kids joined in on our evening visit.  We enjoyed it.  Mayah, not so much.  She is learning to share, and will also have to learn to share us.  She again, adjusted quickly and shared her coloring book and crayons with the boy who followed us in the room.  I grabbed the banana and the piece of sausage we took for Mayah tonight and tore them into 3 pieces and offered them to the guests.  Mayah realized she wasn’t getting her juice or yogurt on this visit because we didn’t have enough to share with the others.  I’ll be sure to pack some extras with us from now on just in case.

The girl that joined in was taller than me.

I would LOVE for her to find a home.  We’re currently in prayer over that one.  No, not for us, but HOW to find her a home.  We can tell she desperately wants to have a Mom and a Dad of her own.  She asked Dan to read her the Little Mermaid book we took for Mayah and she repeated many of the names back to him.  She even taught Dan “cake” in Ukrainian.  I’m going to learn how to ask her name and age.  She has purposely sought us out to say, “hello” and “salud” to us.  She is always all smiles, and man oh man, if we were approved for a girl of whatever her age is, I’d be all over it!!

I’m also learning, as we go along, should we ever adopt again, it will likely be a boy.

One girl is enough for this Mama.  Mayah is all girl.  Perfectly fine, don’t get me wrong, but I definitely think I was created to have more boys than girls. 

I think that is all for now…I will put a few pictures here on the bottom.  In our opinion, Mayah looks sooo different from the first day we met her, just over a week ago. 

Love is amazing.

God is amazing.

God is love, how ’bout that?

I will work more dilligently to blog daily;)


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  1. To say hello, how are you, its ‘Privyit, cok dilla?’ and to say good, say ‘corasho’. To ask her name, say ‘Cok zavoot?’ and if she asks your name, say ‘Meenya zavoot Tammy’

    To ask ‘how old are you’ say ‘Skol ko vamlet’

  2. Dear Dziagwa’s: I f you have ideas about how we can prepare the church children to accept and be excited about Mayah’s arrival, please let me know. We send our love, we pray for you, and CONGRATULATIONS! Beth Ann

  3. Great update. I’m sorry that court is still a ways off but glad you will get to be with the rest of your family for Thanksgiving. That will be very special. Love makes all the difference in the world.

  4. What a wonderful update. Oh goodness–she is just so absolutely PRECIOUS! I know how your heart must be longing to get her the heck out of there. Hang tight, it will pass so quickly. Before you know it, you’ll be heading home with your angel. In know you miss your boys something awful. It is NOT an easy journey, friend. Trusting the Lord for an extra measure of grace to be poured out in this season of being away from the ones you love.

    Yes, God is amazing 🙂

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