What Day Is It?

That’s kind of how we feel these days.  Who needs days anyway, they’re all the same.  haha

Had I been thinking, I would have taken a snapshot (i think you can do that on skype) of Alexander showing ME his macaroni !!  Oh yeah, he showed ME.  I haven’t been pushing for them to talk to me on skype.   I know it’s hard on them too.  Thankfully, I’ve had some friends (Lori and Tina!) who have helped me through this process from the going-away-for-so-long-drama that goes along with this on the kids’ side. 

Last night, I received a blog comment from a friend, Beth Ann Richards from church.  She and her awesome husband, Barney head the children’s church ministry at our church.  She asked how we could prepare the children’s church kiddos to not only accept Mayah but to be excited for her arrival.  Any suggestions?

I had thought that teaching the children before she comes home, that God made us in HIS own IMAGE and LIKENESS and HE DOESN’T MAKE MISTAKES.  Yes, Mayah looks different than typical children.  Yes, we understand it may take a little while for children to get past that.  But it will happen.  We no longer see her differences, but merely a beautiful little girl.  I was thinking if they were able to maybe show some pictures of her cuteness, and explain in children’s terms how she did not have a Mommy and a Daddy and we answered God’s call.

However, we are open to any ideas;)  Thank you, friends!!

I also think, once we are home and settled, I’m going to keep her in the 4 and 5-year-old room with her brothers. 

I’ve taken the time today to learn a bit more about BAHA implants.  We think she will definitely be a candidate. 

When I come home for the 10 day wait I’m going to schedule her pediatrician appt. and see what I can do about the eye doctor.  If anyone has any suggestions on how to get a child who not only doesn’t understand (or HEAR) English, but also doesn’t read it (or Cyrillic, I think for that matter) how to be seen by an eye doctor, we also welcome those suggestions. 

She will also, obviously, need to be seen by an audiologist.  Something we prefer to happen as soon as possible.  We’re hoping for shortly after the new year to begin that journey with her.

As for cosmetic surgeries, Dan and I feel, that will be her decision when she is old enough to understand.  We do not think it’s high (or low) on her priority list medically to put her under any surgeries that are only to make her look like everyone else.  We don’t think there is too much anyway.  If she decides when she’s older, she’d like to have surgery to build her some ears, we’ll oblige…after proper research, of course!

Our first visit this morning was cut short because it was bath time.  Or sponge bath time…or at the very least, hair washing time.  So we had 30 minutes this morning.  In that 30 minutes, our 2 friends joined us.  We learned during visit 2 their names are Ruslana and Vladjik.  I did remember to pack a little bit of extra goodies this morning to share with them.  The older girl, Ruslana saw the yarn I had in my bag of tricks and I offered it to her.  She was doing, the day before, the string tricks with the hands…I really don’t know what they are…I also never really learned them when I was younger either…but it’s when kids have string of some sort and are able to make things by weaving their fingers together…help…anyone?  Buehler….Buehler?  Ruslana, little did I know, wanted the entire thing of yard to knit.  Oh yeah, this girl knits her little heart out!  When we came back for visit 2 she had already knitted the blue and green together and it was about the size of a potholder.  She asked for another color and I gave.  I’m hoping tomorrow she has made some great strides with her knitting and we can continue to marvel at a talent this mama doesn’t have.  Oh no.  I cannot knit.  I cannot sew. 

I staple. 

It’s been my understanding it’s a characteristic that skips generations in my family.  My mother:  one awesome seamstress.  She sewed, she crocheted, knitted (but I think if I remember correctly, she didn’t like knitting) and she quilted.  Simply the most beautiful quilts I’ve ever seen.  A trade she desired for much of her life and didn’t begin to learn until after I had moved out.  She thrived.  Happily, I’m the proud owner of the majority of them.  I proudly display them AND let my children cuddle in them. 

She wouldn’t want it any other way. 

I miss her. 

I wonder how she would feel about having 4 wonderful grandchildren to bestow her talents upon. 

And now for visit 2.  To be as honest as I want to be, Dan and I weren’t on the friendliest of terms heading to visit 2.  I wasn’t about to let US get in the way of seeing our girl and sharing with the others.  Vlad, as I call him, wasn’t there initially.  Ruslana came in and I happily shared our snacks with her and Mayah.  Ruslana left and brought back another friend, Angela.  A beautiful, tall, shy blonde sweetheart.  She was bashful.  Every time I offered her something, she covered her smile in a wonderful childish innocence.  Yet she continued to take what I offered.  I could have stayed in bed and not went tonight…but my heart knew that I could either choose to lay there or get up and share the love of Jesus through bananas.  (and chocolate!) 

And man oh man, I’m so glad I did. 

God took that time to work in our hearts.  Mine and Dan’s.  When we left, we were back to being peas and carrots. (A little Forrest Gump HOLLA!)

Vlad joined us.  Though by the time he entered, most (or all?) of the snacking had ceased.  It was through Angela we were able to learn the names of everyone.  We are so thankful. 

Tomorrow I believe, Dan and I will head back to the market and stock up on goodies for everyone.

I continue to pray and ask God why He brought us here.  I know the obvious.  Mayah.  With God there is always MORE and how awesome is that??  I want to do more for these children, more for the orphanage workers…MORE FOR GOD.    I’m aware our works, whether good or bad, do not get us into Heaven, or keep us out; however, I’m also aware, our works, when prompted by the Holy Spirit given to us when we are born again, do not go unnoticed.  These children here need Jesus.  They need to know there is something better than being left without Mama’s and Daddys that God still has a plan for them.  God uses His people as tools to see His will through ’til the end.  My prayer remains:  Why did HE bring US here?

There is always work to be done.  Love to be spread.  More of Jesus in our lives. 

**Tomorrow I’ll have pictures**


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  1. Hi!

    I’m a long time reader and a first time commenter. I’m currently an audiology doctoral student, which is why I am commenting. BAHAs may be a great road for Mayah, but no one can be sure until she gets back into the U.S. However, if a BAHA is the best option, there is are specially designed BAHA like devices for her to use until she is able to have the surgery. When you call the audiologist for an appointment, I would let them know that you are interested in getting one of the devices for your daughter if possible.

    I know you’ve been googling, but here is a bit more information from one of the major BAHA companies (they do cochlear implants too, but the BAHA section is great).


    Love and Prayers,


  2. Hahahahahaha….I staple too 🙂 That’s about IT!

    I LOVED the update. Boy do I know how you are longing to come home by the time. Hang tight, friend…it will pass quickly.

    Oh…we dumped the van (sold it for scrap). It was a disaster.

    Love and biggest hugs

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