Just a Picture Post

he dressed himself in Dan’s stuff

soon she’ll be all ours!!

Angela wanted to take our picture and Vlad wanted in on the action too;)  Oh boy, does this guy NEED a Mama and a DADDY!!

Angela, isn’t she beautiful?  She is always so shy when we try to give her things.  We’re just happy to be here to be able to share.

She just marveled over Angela brushing her hair and putting her head band on.  Mayah is ALL GIRL for sure!

getting ready to go down the slide

Vlad glues himself to Dan when Mayah’s doing something else.  Have I mentioned how this boy needs a DADDY?!  Please..I’m not even sure if he’s available, but if you’re looking for an older boy, he would LOVE a great role-model.  Are you his forever family?  And if you’re not, will you please pray his family finds him? 

And beautiful Ruslana.  My heart aches for the older children of the orphanages.  After age 5, children have a 20% chance of being adopted!!  20% and the statistics are enough to bring anyone to their knees for a child in general to find a family.  There are millions, millions of children who have no idea what it’s like to be tucked in at night. 

Sure, adoption isn’t for the faint of heart…but all Christians are called to care for the orphans in some form or another.  Prayer is immensely powerful.  God EQUIPS everyone He calls.  You’d be surprised what God can equip you for if you’re willing to open your hearts to Him in the first place.  C’mon I double dog dare YOU!


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  1. Hi,

    I just found your blog. Great pictures! You are so very right about prayer. We left Ukraine over a year ago with our second adopted daughter who is now almost 15. We left several of her friends behind. These girls were destined to age out in just a couple of years. In the last few weeks, we have heard of four of them all aged 13 to 15 getting adopted! We knew none of the families before we found each other online and they didn’t know each other. Just wanted to let you know about prayer in action:)


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