Some People Say…

That the only thing predictable in Ukraine is the unpredictability.  I disagree.  The only thing predictable ever is that God will reveal His plan to you if you let Him.

We had plans for our agent to book my return flight for me yesterday, and for our flights home to be changed to next Friday.

We got an email stating the fare difference for the flight home would be an extra $600+ per person to fly home on Friday and no fare difference if we fly home on Saturday.


We still have no concrete plans for childcare as my Mother In Law needs to head back to work on the 19th.  My SIL has to work that weekend, but I’m hoping they’ll be able to work opposite shifts.  No worries, God has this all planned out.

While in bed last night, I was praying about our time here, finances and many other things regarding this process.

**Let’s rewind a minute** All the while, planning to book our flights home, I had this nagging feeling in me saying what about getting the 10 day wait waived?  If you plan your flights home right after court, how are you allowing me to work?  And, like the faithful spirit-filled believer that I am.

I ignored it.

And yet, our God in His mightiness, showed me last night how HE wants things to work out.

My flight home was never booked.  I simply stayed upstairs praying, “God if you don’t want me to come home for the wait, you’ll have to see my flight isn’t booked.”

It wasn’t.

I also laid there realizing, though for selfish reasons I can’t wait to see our boys and smother them with kisses and let them sleep in our bed and everything else I could do to keep them glued to me…it was selfish at best.

The boys are so young.  And though I long to hold them…they are adjusting to my absense rather well now.  All 3 of them join in the morning to Skype and are happy to talk to me.  I miss them from a distance.  I don’t lay awake at night crying to be with them.  (though I have, but since last weeks events, God has given me His strength to continue pressing forward)  I believe if I go home, it will only make my next departure even harder on them.  Even harder on me.  I can make it through this process.  They can make it through this process. 

We thank you in advance for continued prayers for their sweet little hearts.  They have endured so much and missed us so much.  We know God didn’t ask them to go through this process, and didn’t ask them to deal with their crazy emotions of missing Mommy and Daddy and thinking we are in the computer.  God did call us.  And we’re their parents.  So we stand in faith God is soothing their hearts and meeting their every need in a way only the Father can. 

It won’t be long until ALL of us are home decorating our Christmas tree, baking Christmas cookies and sharing in one of the top 2 gifts God ever gave anyone.

The birth of His Son.  A miracle that is only shadowed by an even bigger gift:  The death and resurrection of that same son. 

So today our plans are to finalize Dan’s return trip and childcare.  Today our plans are to grasp a hold of the fact God never has a miracle quota.  Today our plans are to revive our prayer of having the 10-day wait waived so we can all be a family S-O-O-N.


We took Mayah outside again today.  Her hair, though I don’t think I got a picture of it this morning (the hat covers it all) was in some awesome french braid all over her head with a bow on the top side of her head.  Hopefully she still has it tonight and we’ll be able to show you.

I think she was in an up-side-down mood today.


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  1. She looks so different from the first pictures you showed us! It is funny how love, attention, & God can make a child change! Praying for you all!

  2. Mayah is such a testimony of God’s transforming love. In the photo of Mayah on the side of the blog, “Please Help Bring Her Home” she looks cute but lifeless and lonely. Now we see her hanging upside down, laughing and filled with joy. This is exactly what happens to us when we realize how deeply and unconditionally our Heavenly Father loves us, his children. God’s love for us is so profound, so all encompassing and just like Mayah being transformed by your and Dan’s love, God transforms our own hearts so that we can swing upside down and giggle and joy in the fact that we delight our Daddy. We bring God joy just by believing Him, and believing that He gave himself for our sin so that we could be set free. set free to love! The more I believe how much Jesus loves me the more I love and love and love and love. And you know can’t wait to share some of that love with Mayah.

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