The Pagent

Two days ago (Thursday) we went to pick Mayah up for the morning visit, and her care taker told us she had a concert.  We were excited!  All of the boys and girls in her groupa house were dressed in their finest.  So beautiful.  As soon as Mayah started running to me, I noticed it.  The same dress as in her second picture we have of her. 

We were only allowed to visit for a short period of time so we fed her the morning snack we bring, I painted her nails, and she put her lipgloss on.

When we returned her, the caretaker invited us along!  We had some time to kill in the interim, and the children were finishing up getting ready, so we walked up to the local store for drinks and returned. 

I walked in the groupa house and helped the caretakers button jakets, tie hats and keep children contained.  They were all so excited and so were we!

We walked over to the groupa house next to Mayahs into a bigger room full of mirrors.  There were tiny chairs all around and the vice-orphanage directior offered us a seat in the back behind the tiny seats.

Vlad had seen us outside, so he ran up to us and greeted us each with big hugs.  Have I mentioned how that sweetheart NEEDS a family!?  He was excited to see us inside and sat right in front of Dan so he could touch us.  Mostly Dan.  *See previous plea of boy needing family*

Mayah’s groupa sat directly across from the other groupa, facing each other.  Sometimes they sang songs, did little dances, some children recited stories or poems and they played games.  It was wonderful to see them all smiling and joining together. 

In the beginning, before it all started…my heart realized this was likely to be the only time these children would have a Mama or Daddy watching them.  Dan and I accepted this wonderful honor and clapped for each child as though they were are own. 

It was on the return visit, I believe God gave me my first vision for missions work at this orphanage.  I told you Jesus wasn’t done with this place just yet!  Last night, I began taking notes, brainstorming and jotting verses (or parts of) down in my tiny purple notebook.    Oh how I believe God was speaking directly to my heart last night.  What a rush that is, huh? 

When the show was over, we gave Mayah big hugs and returned to our hotel.  The children were having juice when we departed. 

Dan was under the weather for a few days so we hadn’t visited in the afternoons as we like.  The boredom here for me has been deafening.  If you know me, you ought not to be surprised.  Yesterday we went to the market in the town, picked up my favorite sausages, our favorite cereal (Hooray, Gold Snowflakes!)  diet Pepsi for Dan and cherry juice for me.  We mostly eat a small bit in our room and have Pork and fries for a meal in the restaurant. 

I was able to get some clips of our boys the other day via skype….here are THEIR pictures of them talking to Mommy on skype.

I also managed to get our Christmas shopping done the other day, thank you Internet!!  My Mother In Law will be receiving many packages over the next week.  We do not go crazy for our kids at Christmas.  Since they ask for very little, we try to get them exactly what they want.  We do 3 presents for each child and a stocking.  AND my very good friend, LORI was nice enough to fulfill a request for me.  I found a website and sent her all the information of all 4 of our children and she happily printed all 4 of them out onto parchment paper (for effect, she added!)  and is mailing them to the kids individually.  I’m so excited!  I can’t wait for them to get the letters!!!

Portable North Pole will be up again this year too.  It’s not up yet, but I did sign up for when it’s available to be notified.  I can’t wait to send the boys personalized videos from Santa.

I cannot wait to decorate our Christmas tree this year with all the kids!!  Every year is better than the last.  I’m looking forward to the day with my husband.

Though each day has been the same, it will be the only time, until all of our children have grown up, that we will have had this much time alone together.  AND he leaves in a week so our days are numbered!

We’re debating as to tell the kids or not exactly what day Daddy is coming home or just have them wake up to him on Sunday morning.  Hmmm…

Dan arrives in PIT at 11 on Saturday night, any takers to pick him up at the airport?  We’ll pay!!

Well, time to get ready for another day.  Dan is still sleeping.  I think I’ll meet our Father for some time together this morning.


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