God’s Universal Love Language

Is playing.

As the parents of 3 (almost 4!) children, playing is something we sure know how to do!

So we did it.

We went to the orphanage for our evening visit with Mayah.  The caretaker indicated to Dan she was the only one there tonight.  As Mayah was getting ready, we tried asking her if we could stay and play with all the kids.  I’ve been longing to do that and spread some love anyway, so I was so happy when she said YES!  Mayah was a little confused when we had her take her coat and boots off, but she went in the room with the little lovies and began playing.  They were so excited!  All they did in the beginning was hold their tiny arms up wanting hugs. 

It doesn’t matter what language you speak, hugs are universal.




One little dear sat at the table and played by herself much of the night.  *A*  We would go over and play near her from time to time and eventually she started coming to us for some loving. 

This little blondie just was as happy as could be as long as she had her arm around my neck.

And this little one waited ever so patiently for her turn for some loving arms.*V*  (The one on the right)  the one on the left *N* was the one who didn’t care at all what I was doing as long as she had her right arm wrapped around my neck.

Some of these children are ever so tiny for their ages.  Though we don’t know how old most of them are, we KNOW they shouldn’t weigh as little as they do. 

Mayah played happily much of the time.  Dan and I certainly didn’t want to miss out on loving on her so we would seek her out and play with her too.  By the end of the visit, everytime we put her down she was reaching back up…she had a mildly difficult time sharing mama and Daddy, but when we get home we have 6 other arms to fill, so we were able to show her she could have us AND share us.  She didn’t mind. 

Each time one of the girls came around, I asked God why we were given a file of one little girl here that we were advised not to consider while at the SDA.  We both didn’t feel God leading us to one child over the other…or any other at that time.  Since we have gotten here, we have though of so many other God things to do.  Adoption, is of course one of them..

Honestly, we have no desire to return to Ukraine for adoption.  Truthfully, the waiting time is intense for our family at home.  So many people have had to come together for this process and we’re certain it was a one time thing.  Which leaves of course, Bulgaria where only 1 parent has to travel for both trips.  We have been praying about a little girl but have felt nothing in either direction.  If you know me, you know missions has been a strong desire of mine.  And coming back to this region has also been a desire.  We’re praying to mix the second two. 

Truthfully, I have read so many bloggers post how their hearts break for the ones left behind. Understandably so.  This however, has not been the case for me.  I know God brought us here for a reason, and maybe it’s not to adopt every single child here…while I believe in adoption, I also believe God’s desire is not for the ones left behind to be forgotten about because we can’t adopt them all.  And so our prayer remains for God to reveal the rest of His plan here for the ones left behind.  In the interim, please don’t hold back on coming here and bringing one or two, or three into your home. 

And now…for some pictures from visit one today.  It was an absolutely beautiful day here in secret location, Ukraine!!  We heard from some locals last night it’s unseasonably warm.  Last year at this time it was cold and snowy. 

Mayah climbed the upside down monkey bars again.  Only this time she COMPLETED them!  She began to whine part of the way through, so Dan climbed the other side and encouraged her to come to him while I stayed below ready to catch her.  She was so proud of herself she did it 3 more times;)


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  1. How absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!

    Oh my gosh, your angel love is just the sweetest little thing. I can tell that she is going to have the whole family wrapped around her sweet little finger 🙂

    Love and hugs to you, friend

  2. I have been following your story for awhile and I am so happy for you! Praise God that you are this much closer to bringing your beautiful girl home! I pray God blesses the rest of your time there and that everything else moves quickly and smoothly.

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