Recent Happenings…

We have been  busy the last few days!

To start:

On Thursday November 18, MAYAH ELIZABETH DZIAGWA the courts granted the adoption of Mayah!!

We are now the proud parents of FOUR beautiful children.

Court itself was so easy.  It was really just  a happy time.  We were supposed to have it at 1pm but we started just after noon.  We were DONE at 1!!  We had no idea Mayah was going to come with us;)  What a special blessing because we didn’t think we’d get to see her that day.

We got up early and got all dressed up;)  even the hotel staff noticed we weren’t dressed like bums anymore!  Sasha met us at the hotel and we signed a few documents for her new birth certificate.  Then Sasha had to head to the orphanage to meet with the director.  He came back at 10, we went over the process of court and helped us with some information.  At 11:15 we left the hotel and stopped at the orphanage to pick up Mayah and a care-taker and the orphanage lawyer. 

She sat on my lap and we headed into town.  She was shy and wouldn’t talk to Dan.  He understood.  Surprisingly, she had her dog we got for her in Kiev.  We hadn’t seen anything we had brought for her the past few weeks.  We also learned she hides her dog in her bed, sleeps with him and doesn’t allow anyone to touch him.  Anyone that is, but ME!  I had my MP3 player in my pocket so she listened to that while we were waiting in the hallway in the courthouse.  She eventually started warming up to Dan and would sort-of smile at him. 

While on the way to the courthouse, the lawyer was telling Sasha what Mayah had said when they asked her if she wanted to come with us.  (We didn’t think she really understood why we were there, but she kind-of gets it now)  She said, “Yes, I want to go with my Mama and that man”.  Dan is now that man

She was sooo good in the courtroom.  After they got approval from the care-taker for our adoption, she and Mayah had to wait in the hallway because she was under 10 years old.

We had a break for an hour and a half so Dan and I set out to find some lunch.  We FINALLY found a pizza place!!!  Figures, Dan’s real last day in the area and we find something different that we can order.  It was soo good!!  (and cheap!)

Sasha took everyone back to the orphanage and the social worker back to her office then met us at the pizza place.  2:30 took longer than planned;)  go figure!  We waited in the hallway for a while, then we waited in the courtroom for a while after that.  Then the judge came in, we stood while we read the entire thing.  When it was over, he came down and shook our hands and left;)

Easy as that!

Then Sasha took us to the bus station so we would know where it was and he reserved our seats for Friday morning to Kiev.

We came back to the hotel real fast to spread the news to our family.  EXCITED was an understatement!  My MIL and SIL happily posted “We got Mayah” on their facebook statuses.(statii?)  haha  a little Billie shout-out!

We ran back to the orphanage to hang out with Mayah for a bit so Daddy could get some time with his girl before leaving. 

Friday morning we caught the bus to Kiev to head to the Embassy.  What a bumpy ride!  I had to go to the bathroom sooo badly I thought I was going to cry.

Sasha picked us up and we headed to the embassy.  We were incredibly early so we went down to MCDONALD’S!!!  It was packed, but Dan was excited;)  He was angry and frustrated when there was no where to sit, but eventually we found a spot where people were leaving.

We hoofed it BACK up the hill to the Embassy, Sasha wasn’t around so we headed right on in for our appt.  We found the office and I started on the paperwork.  Thankfully another adoptive Dad was there filling out the same stuff and he said they told him to just fill in all he knew.  I had already sent Dan out to call sasha (you can’t have cell phones on on embassy property at all, so he had to leave only to find Sasha outside)  By the time he came back I had everything done;)  So we waited….

for about 2 hours!  BUT in the meantime, people started  pouring in.  I noticed Marina Bachman the second that little flash of lightning ran by me!  Then I locked eyes with Timothy DelLanos!  Mel (his Mom)  goes, “okay you’re looking at me funny, who are you?”  I pointed and said, “Timothy?”  “Yes”  “I’m Tammy adopting Mayah”  She and I hugged like we were old friends!!  The Bachman’s hung out and another adoptive Mom was there finalizing some work to get her flight this morning.  Another family who wasn’t RR but knew of RR was also there with their ENTIRE CLAN!  They were just adopting 1, but had the whole fam with them.  Then the VanDyck’s popped in and I went over to say Hi to the beautiful girls;)  Marina is hilarious and LOVES to explore and Timothy has the most infectious giggle.  I LOVED it!  He is sooo handsome!  The VanDyck’s girls are as beautiful as ever and just smiled up at me.  Marina is sooo huggable!!  It was the first time since we’ve been here we’ve gotten to see some other families.  It definitely helped to pass the time! 

Then the guy who was there before me finally got called, sent off to window 17 and then was ready to go!  He said he was only there about 15 mins before us.  There was hope!  Then they called our name, we  took an oath, signed the papers and WE WERE DONE!  We said good-bye to everyone and left. 

Sasha was waiting in the car.  But as soon as we got there he had to leave for a while to get some papers for  a Spanish family he’s helping as well.  Dan and I sat for a LOONG time in the car, then finally decided to play the alphabet game with just things about our Ukrainian trip.  We made it to V and Sasha was back!  we never finished.  Sasha took us to the bus-station got the bus-driver to stop at our hotel on the way back since it was on the way;)  The evening bus seemed to take FOREVER! 

We got back and got Dan packed.  He was only taking 1 suitcase and 1 carryon so it was easy.  We went down, had dinner, quickly Skyped with the family and had dinner and went upstairs. 

We got up this morning, had to wake up the over-night person (they sleep in the hotel rest. seats) because she had to unlock the door for us.  We lugged Dans stuff in the dark (had a flashlight!) to catch the bus up the road to the bus-station.  Then we get to the station and Dan was able to get on an earlier bus.  He left at 6:40 this morning…I cried, of course!  I walked back to the bus-stop (a far one, I was enjoying the quiet of the morning) and when I got off at my stop I saw one of Mayah’s care-takers.  I walked with her to the orphanage road and we got to talk a little bit.  She asked when Mayah was leaving, and I told her Dan had just left this morning, she showed me pics of her 4 adult sons, told me how much she made at the orphanage (YIKES, these people NEED more money!!)  She asked where Dan worked, and if I worked, and then told me not to come until 10 because it was bath day;)  It was a nice chat!!

I hung out at the hotel outside with an espresso after I had a shower and waited to go see Mayah.  She was totally attached to me this morning, I LOVED IT!  We had so much together.  I’ll add the pics at the bottom.  Can’t wait to see her tomorrow!!  Since Dan is gone, and the streetlights are seldom on, we decided I won’t go on the evening visits since it’s pitch black for the walk home.  I left, went to town for tomorrow’s snacks and now here I sit!

I checked on Dan’s flight and it was delayed 20 minutes.  Took 36 for them to update flight status but now he’s just cresting Poland.  (his Motherland)  haha.  He should still be able to catch his connecting flight to D.C.  I’m so thankful Luftansa updates their flight status.  I can watch where he is.  Wonder if I’ll be able to do that for his big flight.

The boys are sooo excited Daddy is coming home.  My MIL made a calendar for them to rip off days ’til Daddy comes home.  Alexander told his cousin, Kelli “My Daddy has been gone for months and months and he’s coming home soon.  When he comes home he’s going to love me and play with me!”   Of course, I cried AGAIN reading that this morning, but I was sure to pass the message to Dan when he called from the airport on Sasha’s phone.

And now….after all that…pictures!!

She was very giddy this morning.  Most likely because she  is NO LONGER AN ORPHAN!!

She painted my nails…and the skin around my nails too!!

Showing off her nails Mama painted.  When she was done with each of my hand’s she indicated I had to blow on them too.  She’s soooo cute!

She was a posing maniac today!!!

When she wasn’t posing for pictures, she wanted to be wrapped  around Mama!  She has even initiated her own hugs and kisses lately…BEAUTIFUL!!

After I took the first picture of her listening happily to my MP3 player, she insisted I take another WITH the MP3 player attached to her dress.

This is my view as I leaver her groupa house everyday.  Normally there are other kids waving too…the care-taker moved them all…and was making Mayah move when I indicated I wanted a picture first.  Thankfully she let me;)

Since Dan is gone I’ll have plenty of time to post!!!

I can’t wait for Dan to be home tomorrow (tonight, est)

Prayers appreciated.


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  1. Thanks for the update. I’m excited you got to meet the other RR families and of course that Mayah is truly yours. I know it is tough to be alone there. I’m praying for you.

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